What is Leave Management System?

In a company, we have employees where they take off from work naturally due to various reasons like marriage, health issues, vacations and other personal or emergency reasons. These leaves might be paid or unpaid based on company policies. Usually company gives a pool of days as paid leaves to employees they can use it when there is a requirement. Once these leaves are over and still employee takes leave with loss of pay.The whole process of taking leaves and managing leaves is called leave management system.

Providing leaves to employees  and keeping track of leave count used is a major task for HR in the organization. By using this leave management system a employee apply for leave using this  and the concerned people can give approval of leave  request or even decline these requests so by using this system accruals, carryovers, payroll based on leave consumption can be decided.

How Leave Management system helps in tracking  employees attendance?

First of all, you can see in Leave Management system if someone  is currently on leave and what is the reason for the leave. Thus, we can stay update with the employee’s calendar. Leave Management System makes it easier to count free days and hours based on number of hours worked. As a result this system helps in managing the overtime calendar conveniently and efficiently through clear readable reports.

 Features in Leave Management system:

  1. Tracking of leaves

One of the basic feature you can see in this system is, employee’s leave can be easily tracked by the manager and even employee can also see their number of holidays remaining. This feature is useful to both employee and also manager.

  1. Holiday Management

 Another important feature of this system  is that it gives  a context on the holiday pattern to everyone     in the organization. This helps in avoiding the creation of dependencies, planning a day or week by   knowing who’s in or out and coordinating vacation planning and also makes employees to  be self-   responsible for smooth running of the team and increase the employee participation and engagement.

  1. Create multiple leave policies

One of the main features in a Leave Management System is the ability to create multiple policies. A company will have different departments, branches across countries, people working in different regional shifts, etc., so you need more than one time off policy to accommodate everyone and that’s what multiple policies will help you do.

  1. Create multiple holiday calendar and workweeks

 If you have multiple policies or different shifts for employees then this system allows you to  map  different holiday calendar and workweeks depending on that policy and working shits of employees.

  1. Workflow of approval

Leave Management is an easy task, where the approval process forms is important task in this whole system. Some common things that Leave Management system will have for setting the approval workflow are:

1. Hierarchy order should be done correctly so that if manager is absent then there will be no issues in approval of leave requests

2. Who should approve leave if employee does not have a direct report manager

3. Number of approval of leave and rejected leave for a single employee

4. Maximum number of leaves that can be approved at the same time.

  1.  Mobile application:

This features mentioned above can be done using mobile application which is available in both android and iOS version.

  1.   Reports / Trends

Reports or Trends feature in a Leave Management System gives the leave pattern of entire employees in the organization. By using these reports organization can come to decision of how efficiently the employee is working for organization.

Thus a best Leave Management Software can boost the efficiency of the organization.


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