OfficeTimer, An Apt Business Optimizing Choice Compared To Others

OfficeTimer is complete cloud-based office management suite that boosts business productivity by eliminating the need for expensive mainframes as well as lengthy installation time. It serves as an all-in-one business solution where users can manage projects, employees, clients etc.

OfficeTimer Timesheet Software


Software Suite Features  of OfficeTimer

OfficeTimer quintessentially is a timesheet management software that delivers the following features such as:

  1. Project & Task Management
  2. Customization
  3. Integrates with any third-party API
  4. Live Reports
  5. Task Level Employee Time Sheet
  6. Extremely Cost Effective
  7. Mobile App
  8. Document Management

What separates OfficeTimer from the rest is that it provides a one-stop business solution through its various modules.

Pricing: 1.5$/Month. Try OfficeTimer for free for 1 month

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Let’s take a look at other market offerings to compare and conclude

Zoho: Zoho Projects helps break down complex projects into easily understandable tasks and sub-tasks and map milestones and KPIs to them.

Top Features:

  1. Project & Task Management
  2. Zoho Reports Integration
  3. Gantt Charts
  4. Intuitive UI
  5. Google Integration
  6. DropBox Integration

What separates Zoho from the rest is how well integrated it is with other Zoho modules such as CRM and report but also third-party APIs such as Google and DropBox

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Pricing: 25$/Month.

T-Sheets: T-Sheets is an employee scheduling and time tracking software that helps streamline payroll with its quick book integration


Top Features:

  1. Quick Books Integration
  2. Location-based Employee Time Tracking
  3. Shift Scheduling
  4. Overtime Automation

What separates T-sheets from the rest is that it seamlessly integrated with Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online thus reducing time and money spent on Payroll.

Price: $4/Month + $80 Base Fee/Month

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Kronos: Kronos focuses on workforce management with an eye on improving employee productivity and reducing administration costs.

Top Features:

  1. WorkForce Forecasting
  2. WorkForce Budgeting
  3. Shift Scheduling
  4. Interactive Analytic Reports

Pricing: On Request

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Replicon: Replicon is built on the Time Intelligence Platform and allows organizations to manage their workforce time and attendance, schedule shifts and reduce labour compliance risks.


Top Features:

  1. Modular Nature
  2. FMLA Tracking
  3. Calendar Management
  4. Easily Customizable
  5. Intuitive UI

What sets Replicon apart from the rest is utility specifically for a large organization with its ability to track up to the minute details of employees.

Pricing: $18/Month

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