Tracking time is equivalent to closely monitoring money but indirectly. Businesses whether large or small needs to fine-tune its business processes in order to optimize its resources and deliver products and services of competitive quality.  With this as the main working premise, the time tracking software currently available in the market boast of certain features in the likes of:

  • Accessibility– With everyone on the move, it is increasingly important for the employee timesheet software to have accessibility feature. This enables the employees to clock in their working hours even while they are on a client visit or commuting. All one needs is internet connectivity to log into the time reporting software.


  • Device Support– Multiple device and platform compatibilities is a crucial aspect of timesheet software system. This is because no two employees will work on the same device at a given point in time. Therefore, the software suite must support smartphones, tabs, and desktop.


  • Automatic notifications– With multiple delivery deadlines and tasks at hand, it is next to impossible to remember every critical date. To tackle this challenge and to make life a little easier, most of the employee task management software comes with inbuilt and customizable notifications for due submissions, supervisor approvals, and late entries. Automated notifications can go a long way in improving the overall productivity of an employee in the long run.

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  • Time clocking tool-The entire purpose of this tool is to really jot in the accurate billable hours to the client. It also ensures the project managers to measure the individual productivity of the teammates and freelancers involved in a project in direct accordance with the nature of work delivered.


  • Integration with enterprise applications– Be it a multinational organization or an SMB, everyone uses certain common enterprise applications such as ERP, Payroll and Zoho Office Suite. So, it is important that the timesheet management software seamlessly integrates with the already existing applications and bringing about a wonderful collaboration.


  • Smart user interface– Each time reporting software suite available in the market comes with a plethora of features and filters, and with each passing day more is getting added to the already existing stack.  With so many features added, the user interface can become quite complex and therefore, a great deal of effort goes into simplifying the UI. A complex interface goes onto generating a lot of frustration and significantly impact the timesheet entries.


  • Dynamic dashboards– Dashboards developed from the perspective of business productivity are designed to clearly reflect the surface key metrics and the KPIs. Features for displaying real-time summaries, in-built in the project management software module, offer a deep insight into the progress of the project thereby, putting every stakeholder on the same page.


  • Smart ReportingTimesheet software for time management comes with plenty of applications and tools that eliminate the redundant paperwork.  All the data and entries get sorted and exported in various formats through a dynamic reporting engine.

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