In the dynamic and challenging business ecosystem efficient, management of time and maintaining a consistent focus on tasks that generate ROI is critical beyond any expression. Every resource working in an organization is a stakeholder and therefore to enable everyone on the same page when it comes to organizational goals and implementation of the same, it is vital that enterprises leverage project time tracking software such as OfficeTimer.

As the name suggests, this time tracking software aims to optimize the use of all possible assets, especially time. OfficeTimer is not just a time sheet but a comprehensive tool to support enterprise with:

  1. Attendance marking
  2. Timesheet management
  3. Expense management
  4. Project management
  5. Task management
  6. Invoice and billing

Let’s Deep Dive into some of theOfficeTimerModules and understand how they bolster the productivity quotient

  1. Attendance Mangement: Compatible with Biometrics device, OfficeTimer offers attendance management module that is in sync with attendance policies of a company. This module enables HR department and Project management team to understand the actual manpower involved in a project. This software captures real-time attendance of employees in an organization and helps project managers understand the manpower quotient and the appropriate allocation required for managing multiple projects.
  2. Leave Management: OfficeTimer has the most intricate and customizable leave management software that allows HR managers to customize leave/time off policies as per business requirement. Built to work in symphony with many other enterprise applications, this is a part of the project time tracking software suite that enables employees to plan their leaves, get it approved, enter the leaves already availed and manage the remaining ones.
  3. Timesheet Management: OfficeTimer offers an entire module onTimesheet management to enable enterprises to track the actual working hours of the dynamic workforce across multiple devices and locations. The level of customization offered by the timesheet module is competitive enough to offer all possible size enterprises to track real time of each of its employees (on daily, weekly and monthly basis), notifications on company leave policies and reminders both at individual and group levels.
  4. Expense Management: Manpower, time and money are the most important assets of any organization. Hence it extremely important to track both the capital and operational expense on daily basis, weekly and monthly basis. Manual tracking is no longer an option in the challenging business environment and so it is crucial that enterprises leverage the potential ofexpense management software module as offered by OfficeTimer. Meticulous expense management helps in well-informed budgeting and setting financial goals.
  5. Project Management: OfficeTimer project time tracking software suite enables enterprises to systematically manage multiple clients and projects and measure employees productivity. Theproject management software module allows managers set the hierarchy of approvals for the projects and documentation thereby streamlining roles and responsibilities.
  6. Task Management: OfficeTimer is cloud and web-basedtask management software that enables an organization to efficiently collaborate with multiple teams, plan and schedule work, document, and report and manage project budget and resources seamlessly. With OfficeTimer task management module, enterprises can easily import from excel and do a manual entry of the entire task list into the system thereby, considerably minimizing the complexity of the project management.
  7. Invoice & Billing: Managing billing and invoices functions can be an extremely time-consuming chore. For organizations, of all market sizes, to continuously focus on product and service delivery, it is critical that they integrate an invoice and billing system in their enterprise applications that would completely take care of creating multiple expense sheets, currency conversion, currency exchange calculation, and tabulate the expenses under respective projects.

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