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Significance of a Timesheet Software

What is an employee TIMESHEET SOFTWARE?

As an entrepreneur or a manager, it is essential to have a vivid understanding of what is going on in your business or company. With additional staff and an expanding business, minimizing time wastage by employees can be quite a headache. Today, technology is blurring the lines between work and entertainment, and it is fairly easy for an employee to shift focus from work to entertainment, without you even getting to know.

Employees’ attention diverts from productive work to personal work much more often than you would like it to. Inefficiencies creep in, and start disrupting your employees’ workflows. How then, does one get to know where their employee resources are being utilised? An employee TIMESHEET SOFTWARE  helps you do just that. It is is all you need to minimize resource wastage and to increase productivity and accountability while reducing inefficiency. OfficeTimer employee timesheet software comes with the added advantage of real-time time tracking and integration across all major operating systems, making it among the best in its class.


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What distinguishes OfficeTimer from other Employee Timesheet Software?

  • OfficeTimer TIMESHEET SOFTWARE is highly adaptable and can be used in any business whether you are a freelancer, a small family business or a large company. You can easily handle of up to 500 people.
  • Seamlessly integrates on all desktop and mobile digital platforms - be it Android, iOS or PC. You can even import and export the timesheet in .csv file format.
  • Provides real-time employee time tracking with an option to manually or automatically set the timer for scheduling tasks.
  • Secures your data as the administrator can easily customize the fields of the timesheet which can be accessed by the user(employee).
  • Incorporates hierarchy to help you systematically monitor each unit in your business or each worker. Tasks can also be grouped as per clients and projects.
  • Offers a wide range of time periods over which the Timesheet can be viewed like day view, weekly view, monthly and semi monthly. Timesheet data from one period can be easily copied to another timesheet period
  • Clean, easy to use interface with appropriately placed description boxes for the task details, status checks and amount of progress.
  • Provides list of timesheet periods which are approved, rejected, submitted and not submitted.
  • Saves on your administrative costs
  • Easily manage leave offs with OfficeTimer Timesheet software.
  • Reduces discrepancies as the user is able to see whether a task or project is billable or non-billable
  • User(Admin) can upload the client signature in footer of the timesheet.
  • Competitively priced compared to other employee timesheet software.

  • Our incredible customer support. You can trust us to help you with any and every query you may have!

Choose OfficeTimer TIMESHEET SOFTWARE to -

Enhance Monitoring

Our employee timesheet software tells you exactly which employees are being non-productive, using company resources for personal work, the departments that have excess workers, and if necessary where workflow can be improved. Having a detailed account of people’s schedule also contributes to bringing forth inefficiency, in teams or the flow of work, as you can spot which tasks and events take longer than they are supposed to.

Dramatically Increase Productivity

OfficeTimer helps employees manage and monitor their time more efficiently. At the end of each day, our employee timesheet software provides data on where they spent their time and what they did. It is the best way to provide motivation to those who are working sincerely, and a nudge to those who are not. It is a first step in driving everyone to work better the next day.

Employee Appraisal

Employee timesheets generated by OfficeTimer software offer you hard evidence of high and poor performance that can help in reviews and when tough decisions like laying off need to be taken. Alternately, your best-performing employees can be identified and suitably encouraged with promotions and increased salaries.

Reduce Unnecessary Travel and Meetings

Our timesheet software minimizes your spending by keeping tabs on expensive business operations like travel and meetings which incur huge costs to your business. Some meetings are too expensive compared to the benefits they generate.

 Strengthen Your Administrative, Managerial and Entrepreneurial Skills

Using clear daily, weekly, and monthly reports will allow you to spot potential areas for growth, identify areas of resource misuse and redefine your style of management to suit employees’ style of working.

It is a win-win for your company and business, and you need it. Augmenting your work with OfficeTimer employee timesheet software will ultimately help you realise your firm’s true potential. A small investment now will generate huge returns in the future.




"We are really happy with OfficeTimer timesheet management. It has helped increase the productivity of the firm as we cut down on the work required to keep track on the time spent on each project. OfficeTimer has also enabled us to generate billing reports for our clients more efficiently. The user experience with OfficeTimer has been impressive. We are very pleased with OfficeTimer."

-Tang Wai Leong
Vriens Partners, Singapore.


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