For all types of size of companies a proper Employee Time Tracking Software is must needed software to increase their profits. A proper time tracking software helps in growing the organization. So choosing a correct time tracking software is vital for business.

General things to be considered while selecting a time tracking software:

1) What is your workflow?

2) What are your needs in terms of features?

3) How easily software can be used ?

4) Is the budget allotted for the software works good for business?

Time tracking features available in OfficeTimer:

This is the best and simple time tracking software with employee timesheet where you can:

  1. Clock in/Clock out: Record your time spent on activities in real time: you can start timer clock when you start the activity and stop the clock when finished. Later you can view number of hours spent for that activity in dashboard. This can also be useful for organization in deciding employee’s payroll and shows whether employee has worked overtime and hasn’t fulfilled his or her working hours quota.

       2. In dashboard you view:

  • > Time Spent
  • > Number of working days
  • > Number week offs
  • > Employee average hours
  • > Company average hours


  1. Hierarchy set-up: Hierarchy set-up can be made so that employees can view only their page but admin/manager can view all employees pages and can review their work.

      4. Notifications: We also provide remainders and notifications depending on hierarchy mentioned in the                      software in the form mail to their email-ids.

      5. In Report option you generate report depending on

  •      > Employee based
  •      > Daily
  •      > Weekly
  •      > Monthly

Reports can be exported, saved and also can be sent to clients directly. These reports can also be generated to in bulk manner

       6. Work-Actual vs planned: In this software you actually compare what was time allotted for that task                and how much time employees took to complete the task. This comparison can also be achieved by using              line graphs, bar graphs and pie charts.

  1. Customization: You can also customize the time settings i.e., if employee is absent and his time allotment can be given to other employee on behalf of him.

      8. Data storage and exporting option: You can export your report depending on your requirement, i.e.:

  •        > XML
  •        > Excel
  •        > Google Sheets
  •        > Word
  •        > PDF
  •        > CSV
  1. Copy option: For tasks projects and clients, if same things are to be added once again, your burden can be reduced by applying copy option.

     10. Platforms: As long as there is a internet and browser, OfficeTimer can be used in all types of platforms             and even it can be used Android phones, iOS phones and Mac.

So while deciding a time tracker, list every needs and expectations carefully. Depending on the workflow of the business choose what are the features required. Our Employee Time Tracking Software is straight forward and easy to use. Even further integrations can also be done in our product if company requires it.

This software gives you a better understanding in:

  •           > Employee costs.
  •           > Employment availability and their use in organization.
  •           > Their capacity, i.e., you can gain insight whether additional staffing is needed for completion project.


OfficeTimer provides high security and privacy as well as integration. Even it helps in offering number of features meant to help streamline work in a large corporation with multiple departments. So this time  tracking tool that turns employee hours into insights on how operations within the company can be improved.

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