The traditional concept of time started with shadows, cave markings, tracking planetary motions, charts, and sundials to keep track of days and nights and coast through seasons, that led to the notion of weeks, months and years. The early path of evolution of time tracking techniques is linked to earth’s rotation around the sun, from which clocks were developed. We all plan out our days and in extension our nights based on the time shown on our clocks, watches and in the era of rapid technological developments, gadgets like smartphones and wristbands.

However, we would like to keep track of our day to day activities of time spent to make daily adjustments to our routine. With a host of distractions in today’s world including social networking and social media and hectic avenues for entertainment and leisure as against work, it becomes all the more important to have a regular regimen to juggle between umpteen activities. Which is where the essence of time tracking is realized. Time tracking has developed in myriad ways for various people all over the world. Many critical methods that may be applied in various ways essentially boil down to time tracking.

Employee Time tracking is a regular activity in office workplaces, schools, and colleges, sports events etc. If we use timers at sports, we use a host of web applications, enterprise applications and mobile apps to keep track of time on a day to day lives. Among many, an interesting blog post about top time tracking apps was published recently by FastCompany, link to which is here. Happy reading! Do let us know and share what applications or mobile apps that you use for tracking time and making your life beautiful.

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