“Best time tracking software” is one of your searches if you’re a Manager who wants to ensure productivity. Before we dive into the depths of the best time tracking system, here’s a fact you didn’t know.

‘The first mechanical clock made use of the verge escapement mechanism along with a balance wheel timekeeper. And this was a 14th century European invention. However, this became the standard timekeeping device until the invention of the pendulum clock in 1656.’

Some of the best time tracking software are as follows:


Provides an excellent UX for both organizations as well as individual freelancers. This app is proving to be great when it comes to providing managers and other department teams a tool to track their employee time. Moreover, they offer flexible features and ensure that users never find it challenging. They also provide a rather generous trial period with an automated and/or manual desktop app.


This is an excellent time tracking app that allows individuals to track the time they spend at any given task. Being a rather young app, Hours is currently available only for iOS users. You cannot automate its usage, it is a manual form of time tracking. This app is known to have one of the nicest and otherwise tagged ‘classy’ interface.
Time Doctor is one of the best time trackers out there. This software plays a vital role by helping managers and employers track remote teams. Time Doctor, as a time tracking software, allows employers to track, both automatically and manually. They do offer a free trial version for the initial days post signing up with them.


Harvest is very similar to Toggl because they also offer time trackers for both organizations and individuals. However, unlike Toggl, they do not offer automatic tracking with a desktop app. Also, they offer their solutions for free but is limited to only two projects. In case an employer or the freelancer wants to track more than 2 projects, it is not free.


Is very similar to Time Doctor. They are a great choice when you, an employer want to engage in remote tracking. This software is both, manual as well as automated as per preferences. However, they do offer a very limited trial period. And is free forever if adopted by a solo user. An organization that wishes to make use of this software, will require to purchase it.


Offers their solutions for both employers/managers as well as for individuals/freelancers. This software is entirely manual and cannot be automated as per pre-set requirements. However, they do offer their solutions for a free trial period but limits to only 1 project. Therefore, if you’re a freelancer who wishes to track your time for a particular project you are currently working for, this is the way to go!


It is one of those software that is designed keeping in mind individual flexibility. Every project, task, type of tracking, etc can be customized differently for every user. OfficeTimer also offer a trial version for a generous period of time. Moreover, this software allows you to track both individual as well as a department’s investment in a task. An Android and iOS app allows managers to keep track of their remote teams.

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How to find the best time tracking software?

If you’re on the lookout for a suitable time tracking app or time tracker in general, be it for your organization, department team or yourself, look into the following aspects.
• The software should provide an excellent UX
• Is the software intuitive to an extent that doesn’t challenge you
• Ready generation of regular reports to help with decision making
• Further, understands your concern and offers you a trial version to allow you to explore
• Finally, helps you ultimately track your time and make best use of it

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