Many companies find it difficult to maintain individual accountability in the absence a well-planned system. Employee management softwares are the answer to this dilemma—they let you identify shortcomings and straighten out unwanted kinks.

In your quest for an efficient employee tracking system, you come across OfficeTimer, which seems like a complete package. But you’re still wondering if it’s the right choice. Well, here are a few issues that this software can help you resolve.

Vacation Time’s Eating Into The Profits

It’s annoying when a project suffers due to a lack of workers. And it’s positively infuriating to find out that this talent shortage is simply because of an inefficient leave management system. OfficeTimer offers a leave management tool that lets you know who’s available and who isn’t, well in advance. Using customized timesheets, you can equip project managers with the ability to deal with leave requests in a much more efficient manner.OfficeTimer allows you to tailor distinct leave policies for different employees. Moreover, you can instantly approve or reject a leave request from just about anywhere by using their mobile app.

Unreasonably High Employee Expenditure

Employees who purchased goods or services for your company are often in a position to tamper with the budget. In order to ensure that there’s absolutely no frivolous use of funds, you need a fool-proof expense tracking system. Luckily, OfficeTimer provides the necessary tools to track each and every expense made by your employees. This employee management software allows your staff to create expense sheets that record important details of each spend. Each expense needs to be backed up by a bill or any related document. Once an entry is made, your managers immediately receive a notification about the same.

You’ll also find that client invoicing becomes much easier when you know what’s billable and what’s not. With the help of a mobile app, you can approve expenses instantly without cutting through red tape.

Projects Take Too Long To Finish

Sticking to a project timeline is difficult enough without your team members slacking off. But it’s not easy to keep a tab on every employee, especially when your organization is large in size. That’s why OfficeTimer’s time tracking software can come in handy. All you need to do is set up a timesheet and define the minimum/maximum working hours per day.

You can also customize your timesheet and add additional fields, depending upon the project requirements. OfficeTimer ensures that timesheet entries are easy to make, reducing the difficulty involved for your employees. These entries tell you exactly how much time it takes to finish a certain task. Using this information, you can estimate how long a project will probably take to conclude. This enables you to deal with clients in a smoother manner. OfficeTimer also has a task tracker that keeps you updated on the responsibilities assigned to each employee.

Employee attendance software’s like OfficeTimer isn’t just for recording the hours anymore. They’ve evolved to provide a comprehensive system of employee management that takes a huge burden off your mind.

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