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Log your time with or without tagging a project or task. Fully customize your timesheet. Give access to client managers for approval.


Track your teams’ productivity with billable and non-billable hours. Set hourly rates for employees or tasks or roles.


Know your project profitability with planned vs actual time for each task and employee. Track the variance in time and cost in real time.


Integrate your timesheets with third party payroll, attendance and ERP software. Export to Excel, Pdf and other formats.

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Unlimited usersUnlimited clientsUnlimited projectsUnlimited tasksUnlimited time tracking

Time Tracker App

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Client Reviews
Recommended by Business Development Bank of Canada
We found OfficeTimer among a list of Online Time Tracking Software recommended by BDC. This is the best tracking system with everything we have been looking for. Thank you for exceeding our expectations and for your outstanding professional service and support!This is a must for professional services firms and project-based businesses.Kate PhungAccounting, Vircom Inc, Canada
Best value for money & easy to use
OfficeTimer was selected based upon the value it provides from both a cost and functionality perspective. To date, OfficeTimer has met or exceeded our time reporting and tracking needs. Office Timer is also easy to customize to meet the needs of our clients. We couldn’t have done better if we had developed our own customized solution.Ronald “Ryan” Ong,Intellix Solutions Inc.
Payroll and client billing using OfficeTimer
We began using OfficeTimer on a trial basis. Very quickly we realized how vital the tool had become for our organizations. We successfully implemented the tool organization-wide and our entire staff's payroll and clients billing are calculated using OfficeTimer. I would highly recommend OfficeTimer and it is quite a value for money.Rob Pfleghardt, CEO,Sage Consulting Group, Inc, USA
Simple, easy to learn and cost effective
We chose OfficeTimer since it was so simple and easy to learn. Executive and Partners alike are equally comfortable using it. Training new employees is not a time-consuming process. The cost was another important factor. OfficeTimer integrated time sheet provided us the functionality required, right off the shelf at a competitive price.Nitin MittalSenior Manager, Assurance and Risk Advisory at Perfect Accounting and shared services Pvt. Ltd.
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