Businesses have undergone tectonic shifts in the last 10 years specifically in its process handling. With the constant challenge of minimizing the time to market and optimizing available resources, business owners are constantly challenged when it comes to automating processes. For small businesses, the emergence of online Task Management Software has proved to be a massive technological boon. With most of these software services hosted on the cloud, the small businesses find it cost effective and robust in terms of process automation.

Let’s take a quick glance at business circumstances that compel small businesses to implement employee task management system.

1. Managing scalability

Any traction in the number of projects or business orders can usher in a lot of confusion and chaos if the businesses lack clear visibility of their resources. For a small business, a sudden growth means super fast hiring of resources and speedy project on-boarding. Another cost part that haunts the small businesses during a surge in their business is the soaring need to invest in new software solutions to manage the traction. Most of the task tracking software currently available in the market are highly scalable and readily adapts to even minor changes in the business. Therefore, investing in scalable software at the very onset is an extremely profitable proposition.

2. Minimizing error and waste of resources

Manually tracking everything even in a small business set up is next to impossible. With the challenge to bag more business, it is extremely crucial to devote time to reach out to more potent customers and focus on business-critical activities. With business ecosystems becoming extremely challenging, businesses of any size cannot afford to spend time in identifying errors and gaps through traditional means. What they need a smart system that will capture employee data on a daily basis and offer critical insights to close gaps.

3. Managing time and money effectively

Employee task tracking software has been solely designed with the intent of automating the entire process of managing time and identifying gaps that lead to increased expenditure. Time, money and resources are three supercritical pillars of any business and therefore, a clever optimizing can transform the business for good and help it sustain through the rough patches.

4. Creating an ecosystem of communication and collaboration

Clear and continued communication is the key to establishing an environment of collaboration and innovation. It is important for the business of any size to establish two-way communication between its cross-functional teams, clients, and stakeholders. With the communication channels becoming smart, speedy and integrated, it is imperative to have a system in place that would ensure speedy communication and collaboration. Additionally, the mechanism of making project-specific resources and documents accessible to the team members in a secured environment increases the possibility for innovation and speedy problem-solving.

5. Securing business-critical data at all times

With accessibility feature becoming a critical point for cross-functional project collaboration, it has necessitated the need for a secured systemic ecosystem to protect the business-critical documents. With cyber crimes increasing at an alarming rate, the current breed of online task management software has encryptions at different levels ensuring selective accessibility to resources and secured transferring within its communication set-up.

Top 5 Task Management System for Small Businesses

The employee task tracking software is built on the revolutionary principle of “doing more with less” and therefore its entire functionality revolves around process automation. The market currently offers an unbelievable range of task tracking software and it is very critical to map the features with the business goals to make an informed decision. So, here is the top 5 task management system highly preferred by small businesses.

1. Wrike – It is by far the most sought after productivity tool for small business and freelancers. Totally based on the plug & play philosophy, one just needs to sign in and leverage the multitasking dashboard for time management, collaboration, progress tracking, scheduling are few of the important functionalities. There are innumerable pricing options to suit the different budget.

2. Zoho projects – One of the most cost-effective productivity tool for teams of various sizes. The package for small teams is one of the most competitive in the entire market. The platform enables individuals and small teams to automate workflows. The use of Kanban empowers the teams to effectively recognize bottlenecks in the workflow and reorganize real time.

3. Trello – Collaboration is the hallmark of this online task management software. Best suited for individuals and small businesses, this tool offers features and flexibility to cater to different teams with differing requirements. There is increased scope of customization and the free version offers a lot of features to start with. There are of course flexible pricing plans depending upon the business requirements.

4. Asana – A popular web-based task management application that offers greater automation of processes and empowers business owners with complete control over workflow. One of the best features of Asana is its capability of offering visibility of work at various stages and creates milestones. Innumerable integrations to choose from, this tool is one of the best productivity tools available in the market.

5. Wunderlist – This is a popular task management system when it comes to small businesses and freelancers with some real-time action. Super smart and user-friendly interface backed by multiple functionalities revolving around arranging, sorting, communicating and reminding. The free version of the application includes many functionalities and works seamlessly across popular devices. As a task listing application, Wunderlist offers great scope for communication and collaboration within multiple users within the application.

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