A work done well or a task accomplishing all of its goals is not run by a superhero. It is run by a person or a set of people who are perfecting the art and knack of effective management of task. Task management system is one such skill that plays a vital role in showcasing a manager’s talent when it comes to work ethics. However, you must be aware of the the phrases “Learn time management” or “Time is money”. What it basically implies that it is important to manage activities in a manner that ensures a planning and organizing approach.

This article emphasizes on 3 robust methods of effective task management. Moreover, they ensure that you stay on the top of your work load and get more work done in a better manner.


In the year 1940, Toyota came up with an original task management system – Kanban.

This Japanese word means ‘sign’ or ‘card’.

Task Management System - OfficeTimer

Task Management System – OfficeTimer

(Source: process.st blog)

What is the main purpose of making use of the Kanban methodology? Managers make use of it to limit the number of work in progress activities.

 Think of a physical whiteboard which has a limited amount of space on it. Additionally, if you want to add another task to your ‘work in progress’, you will have to move one through the flow to make room for it.


In the year 2001, a small group of software engineers and app developers were working to make their work easier. Their focus was to identify a better technique to manage projects. In the initial months of 2001, project management was a gradually and bloating process. The process was involving a lot of people and documentations. Further difficulties were in.

a. Making changes to the process

b. Resizing teams and moving forward

Thus agile method of task management comes into existence. Agile’s constant focus was on:

  1. Smaller team sizes
  2. Short sprints of work
  3. Quick iterations
  4. And testing rather than debating
task management software - OfficeTimer

Task Management System – OfficeTimer

(Source: process.st blog)

This task management system ensures that teams complete more work within a lesser amount of time. Now, let’s consider the original principles of this method of task management. In this, you will notice that it is not as concrete as Kanban. However, it does establish ground rules that can helps you refine your management system.

Getting Things Done

David Allen is the author of the very popular book “Getting Things Done”. The launch of this book in the market was around the same time as the existence of Agile. In this book, David makes it very clear and justifies that “the head is for having ideas, not holding them”. He goes on to explain how the maximum number of ideas that your memory can hold is around 7 and how if you do not make note of them, you are bound to forget those ideas.

task management software- OfficeTimer

Task Management System – OfficeTimer

(Source: process.st blog)

Finally, this model says that it is important to always note down what happens in your mind. It is important to stay conscious and aware of the activities of your mind. Be aware of the mind while you’re in your work place, especially while working on a project. Further, any advancements that your mind gets, go ahead and note them down.

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