The Task Management System is the process of managing tasks throughout its lifecycle where is starts from planning, testing tracking and reporting on the outcomes, it also involves all managing aspects of the task, from status to priority to time spent, people involved and financial resources involved. Task management tools give you complete details and a real-time view of all moving parts of a project. Breaking projects into activities helps the organization to achieve its goals and objectives on date and time.

When we are working in a team, proper task management is the main foundation for the completion of projects. Task management tools and techniques give a complete report of detailed data of all moving aspects of the project. The basics in the task management system are to capture, organize and assign everything needs and requirements to complete the project. In project management, an only most important factor is assigning tasks to the team and make sure that assigned tasks have been completed

Few techniques that help to tease out all of the tasks that make up the project:


  1. Mention each step to be followed to perform those activities pertaining to tasks to be achieved.
  2. Engage with team members to check the steps whether there is any correction to be made or any suggestions that can be added.
  3. There might be big steps, to achieve it again breakdown it further to multiple steps so that it would be easy to do it.
  4. Some of the tasks need to be grouped together if is required.
  5. Ask experts when there is an important task to achieve while even your teammates sometimes have no key ideas about it.

The task management system represents the best method of running a business successfully with a more efficient process. Task management system makes the day to day running of your business much easier and also keep your employees on track and sane. It also allows you to spend less time managing tasks. So, by this system difference can be found out between each task, tasks that require a large amount of time can be again segregated and more time can be spent on valuable work for your own business.

It is fortunate that there are many ways to update the progress of individual tasks automatically without spending your whole day involved in it. A good project management tool will give you a quick access dashboard that displays easy-to-understand information about where each task is in its own cycle. While the most common way is to provide this information through percentages, it is also possible to alter your dashboards to show data in terms of pie charts, bars or any number of other formats.

The benefits of having an effective task management system are manifold:


  1. It is easier to monitor progress and identify issues or bottleneck
  2. Deadlines and timelines are easily pinned to tasks
  3. Related task strands can be viewed as one, creating a larger task unit
  4. Reports and updates are easily circulated to the team and other stakeholders
  5. Resource management becomes clearer as you can spot which tasks should take priority over others


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