The matter of fact is that everything we do is a project to be managed. We always look for ways and means of eliminating menia and unproductive tasks from our shoulder in order to focus on the priority list. This approach is universal. In the competitive project management scenario, it is draining for a project manager to manage and track all tasks that fall within the purview of a project. So what is the ideal way to manage multiple projects at the same time?

The answer lies in choosing the apt Project & Task Management software. So what is it that a project manager looks forward to while proposing an investment in project management software?

  1.      A single holistic tool to manage resources and project paraphernalia

In a project management environment, a project manager typically ends up using multiple tools to manage and execute the project. Some of these tools are in-house applications and some are external. The seamless integration of all these tools can be difficult with more room for errors. So, when it comes to investing in project management software suite, one prefers a more comprehensive tool that helps in consolidating various business processes.

  1.      Superior task management functionality

A project is broken down into multiple tasks and managing each of these seamlessly calls for a humongous effort. For a project manager, it is imperative that he is on top of every task. Not all the legacy project management applications have this task management feature that gives a complete overview of the progress of each task. When looking at new investment, this can be a huge deciding factor.

Seven Essential Features that Guide an Investment Decision  

  1.      Superior Document Management

Managing multiple project documents and their versions is one of the great challenges in project management. The role of the document management feature is to offer a centralized storage for accessing shared files. This feature offers sorting filters that helps one categorize a document and retrieve the same.

  1.      Analytics for  Business Critical Reporting

The feature to generate insightful reports can prove to be beneficial for the management and the stakeholders as well. The best task management software suites available in the market these days are constantly innovating on this particular feature.

  1.      Intuitive Dashboards

The project management dashboards need to feature elements that a project head needs to view at a cursory glance. All it needs is a user-friendly UI that supports monitoring and controlling work progress, requesting updates from team members, and prioritizing tasks.

  1.      Task Prioritization

Half of the problems are resolved if the tasks are prioritized. Prioritization is one of the important features which most of the project heads consider while investing in online task management software. The feature to rank the task as per the priority gives a clear visibility of project priorities across the team.

  1.      Mobile Accessibility

Project management off late has become demanding and dynamic. This makes it important for the software suite to be compatible with desktops and smart phones. One just needs an internet access to log into the application and do the needful while on the go.

  1.      Robust Customer Support and Training

Employee task management tools can be highly complex with multiple functionalities. The process of transition from legacy systems to a newly purchased one can also be very taxing. Therefore, it is very important for project administrators to receive the much needed hand-holding from the client servicing team.

  1.      Centrally Controlled Permission System for Security

It is important to protect the sanctity of mission-critical documents. This can be only done by monitoring the access to such documents. So for a project head, managing resources at different levels and their access levels to documents is quite a daunting task. Herein, the project and task management will step in by offering permission controls to the administrators.


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