Task management is not just creating a list of task and then throughout the day just ticking each one away the moment they are being executed and delivered. The task management is all about prioritizing and monitoring the progress of the work or a project. To be precise, task management is a small framework within the whole gamut of project management. To remain on top of every handle that contributes to business productivity, it is important that enterprises equip their project managers and teams with task management software. Moreover, it is very important to understand that in the course of one’s day, one needs to juggle multiple work deadlines and deliver to the best of one’s capabilities. Investing in such a system that brings in a certain level of automation in managing tasks can be quite strategic for a business.

Business benefits of Task Management Suite

It’s not just about monitoring every team member and getting the tasks done in the span of a day, the benefits of leveraging employee task management system is much more such as:

  1. Centralized and single account access – Within a single software suite, there are multiple tools and applications. It is extremely cumbersome to have separate passwords of all of them. The architecture of the current task managing systems is such that, one can access all the toolsets and applications through a single gateway.
  2. Prioritization of tasks – Some projects are multi-stranded and complex in nature. Each step in the project life cycle is bifurcated into multiple tasks with multiple levels of ownership. In such an environment, chances are high that resources get sucked into managing the backend processes while the priority ones take the backseat. The tasking software ensures the labeling of tasks as per the priority at each stage of the project lifecycle thereby, ensuring timely delivery and efficient time management.
  3. Seamless collaboration – Modern task tracking software ensure tremendous collaboration between cross-functional teams within the same project through the provisions for sharing all possible project related documents and presentations. Additionally, there are dashboards for discussions, queries, and support. So no more struggles to get the query resolved on time.
  4. Task delegation – For any project with more members involved, it is critical to delegate tasks to each member based on the skill set and experience. The task managing software enables the project manager to distribute the work in the manner that it can be tracked easily.
  5. Bridging location gaps – The online platform offered by the task managing software supports live updates and briefings thereby, eliminating the need to re-schedule important meetings to accommodate team members working offshore.
  6. Time management – The task management system keeps a track of the work done by the team members and displays that in the form of intuitive dashboards. This saves a lot of time from having unnecessary meetings and conference call. Additionally, it helps managers to monitor the time allocated to each of the tasks thereby, keeping him or her on the top of project deliverables and people management.
  7. Project Database access – The software suite is designed in a way to allow users to access the project database from anywhere and anytime. This feature removes all possible roadblocks that can hamper timely delivery or urgent responses on mission-critical projects.

Essential Features of a Task management Software That Drive Efficiency

Necessity indeed is the mother of invention and therefore, over a couple of years the task management system has undergone herculean changes to include features that take business efficiency to the next level. These features are:

  1. Notifications on task acceptance
  2. Task ranking filters
  3. Task assignment application
  4. Centralized data access rights and permissions
  5. Robust customer support and training
  6. Chat rooms and discussion panels
  7. Tool usage monitoring application
  8. Seamless integration with other existing enterprise applications
  9. File sharing facility

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