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Employee Task Tracking Software

"Office Timer offers a reliable, easy-to-use employee task management software which can be effectively used for employee task tracking and help in the successful completion of projects."

To further improve the efficiency, outlining specific tasks for each employee covering various milestones in the project will help set realistic timelines for a project and adhere to it, thereby project time tracking.

The employees can enter the timesheet along with the percentage of tasks completed. This will help the managers know the progress of the tasks and the efforts involved in completing the tasks.

This data captured can be used to compare against the planned efforts, this will let the managers know if they are progressing as per schedule. The online timesheet data of the employees will help in payroll as well.


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Task tracking

Employee Task Management Software

Setting customization approval periods for the Employee Task Sheet as per company's requirements makes employee task management easy and efficient. The manager's get a grasp of the tasks' progress with our employee task tracking reports.
With OfficeTimer your employees only only track their tasks but also manage their tasks efficiently. The Employees are instantly notified when they are assigned a task. As and when they track their efforts towards the task you are notified of the progress in the task.

Online Task Management

Employee task tracking using the Office Timer interface gives a clear picture of the progress of a project and related tasks.

Close to ten hierarchical levels can be assigned for each task. Employees can choose the specific task being performed for each project and input time entries with detailed description of work done. Managers can assess the skills of the employees and allocate tasks as per the capabilities of the employees. This invariably leads to increased employee productivity. Employee task tracking helps to prioritize, set milestones and monitor them and also know the current/completed status of each task.

Employee Task Management

Task complete

Task Tracking Software

The following information can be captured for each task in OfficeTimer employee time tracking:
  • Project, Milestone, Task Name, Task Description, Task Type
  • Task Duration
  • Task Assigned to Employees
  • The estimated cost and estimated time for the task
This effective Employee Task Management software allows a project manager to easily view -
  • All tasks assigned to an employee.
  • Change search criteria to see other tasks also assigned to the employees.
  • Add new tasks for an assigned project.
  • Assign tasks to team members of the project.
  • Add Task comments for any task.
  • Attach different relevant documents to be share between the project team members.
Employee task tracking becomes simplified using the Office Timer and results in increased productivity at the employee level leading to the ultimate boost to the company's revenues.



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