Release Notes

Sl noRelease DateRelease NumberBug Fix or New FunctionalityAffected FeaturePage Details
128-06-20177.01.40New FunctionalityTime Sheet
Time off
Expense sheet
My Time sheetBreaking the Locking option for TimeSheet, Time Off and Expense Sheet
223-06-20177.01.39Bug FixTime off Policy My Time offTimeEntry Archive Time Off delete not adding leaves back to corresponding employee
322-06-20177.01.38Bug Fix and New featureTime Sheet My Time sheetAttendance Import and Export
417-06-20177.01.37Bug FixImport and exportMy Time sheetBillable Flag is showing coming from Project task and not from Time-entry
524-03-20177.01.36Bug FixMy Time sheetMy Time sheetDaily timesheet saved data not showing in weekly, it's because if project task billable filled is null in the table
613-03-20177.01.35Bug Fix Time Off Approval Time offTimeOff is not getting updated with very long comments
710-03-20177.01.34Bug FixAll pages,Email notification FormatAll PagesTitle issue,All templates changed to table format
807-02-20177.01.33Bug FixMy TimesheetMy TimesheetTimeSheet Employee Name retains same in drop down
918-02-20177.01.32Bug FixMy TaskMy TaskShow All Employee task in MyTask List
1008-02-20177.01.31Bug FixMy projectsMy projectsLoading issue with All projects option fixed
1130-01-20177.01.30Bug FixMy ReportsMy ReportsNew project report created,Empty Grid not showing in Project Task List.
1218-01-20177.01.29Bug Fixlogin help page and Project Templateslogin help page and Project TemplatesCreating the project by selecting project template estimated currency is not updating,Email templates,Help Link issue in reports
1317-01-20177.01.28 New featureEmployee in menuEmployee 1) Give Option to Hide disabled and Hide completed tasks, Give below option in Employee list
2) Give the option for admin to make active deleted employee
>New checkbox provided in Edit of Deleted employee
>Unchecking that and saving means it will come in an Active list

1412-01-20177.01.27Bug FixMy Time off , My task , My projectsMy Time off , My task , My projectsIn My Time Off Allow zero hour to request
In MyTask Deleted client name is showing
In MyTask dumy report by data showing
Once clicked on "Copy" in Reports it is navigating to show report.(Display an alert that says "A copy of the report is created, you will find this report in the reports page with the same name as its original.")
Assigned Employees are not displayed when "All Employee Task" option is selected.(in Task Team page show "This is an all employee task and will be available for all the project team members")
server error. I try to create task in user side
1506-01-20177.01.26Bug FixHoliday ListMy Time offMy TimeOff List not showing in order
1602-01-20177.01.25Bug FixMy timesheetMy timesheetSick Leave is not saving in timesheet, Server Error when string entered in search parameter of project id field
1703-12-20167.01.24Bug FixMy taskMy task1) Changed Page title to OfficeTimer. 2) Not allowing to create task for User from MyTask error page is throwing. 3) Task is not getting updated from MyTask Page.
1824-11-20167.01.22Bug FixApplication Preference - timesheet setup and importsMy timesheet1) Total hour displaying zero even though prefilled hours is there
2) Hide the Sync Mobile Entry button
3) Bug which keeps changing the value of IsPrefillTimesheetHours in preferences table to NULL when Feature Management Updated
4)Same expense entry is getting saved multiple times for multiple submit clicks.
5)Same TimeOff approval is getting saved multiple times for multiple submit clicks.
6)Unable to import project tasks
7)External users unable to login without selecting a language
8)Unhandled error msg is displayed when a login page is left on for a long time and we try to login.
1928-11-20167.01.21Bug FixMy timesheetMy timesheetTimesheet submit issue fixed.
2028-11-20167.01.20 New featureApplication Preference - timesheet setupMy timesheet1) Prefill hours per day in timesheet
Validation1:On week off's we should not pre populate hours.
Validation2:On time off's we should not pre populate hours
2) Project default selection in employee project
3) Default project display in timesheet
4) Default task selection in time sheet
2105-12-20167.01.19 New featureApplication Preference - timesheet setupMy timesheet1)Prefill hours per day in timesheet
2)admin option to on/off prefill hours
2212-12-20167.01.18 New featureimport and export , my timeoffMy projects1) Import and export option for employee billing rate.
2) Displaying the employee holiday list.
2330-07-20167.01.17 New featureMy reportsMy ReportsAmount Collected field added into project report data source
2410-07-20167.01.16 New featureProjects - task pageProjects - Task pagePercentage Completion of task field added into Projects report data source.
2507-07-20167.01.15 New featureMy reportsMy reportsPercentage Completion of task field added in to merge report.
2602-07-20167.01.14 New featureMy project, My taskMy project, My task1) Auto Task Percentage calculation option added in project update page. 2) Contribute To Project Percent option added in task add and edit page.

2707-06-20167.01.12 New featureEMail Notification PreferencesEMail Notification PreferencesOverdue email notification with admin option
2818-05-20167.01.11 New featureMy ReportsMy Reports1) projects data-source (work order value, already billed fields added to the report).
2907-05-20167.01.112 New featureMy ReportsMy Reports1) server issue fixed in merge report
2) Project Code column added in merge report
3) Project work order value sum macro
4) Date filter added in merge report
5) Reimburse filter issue fixed.
3023-04-20167.01.110 New featureMy Project, My reportMy Project, My report1) Server error in project add/task add
2) show workorder and already billed columns in merge report
3) Utpal work on reports
3118-04-20167.01.109 New featurePreference - timesheet setupMy timesheet1) Admin option to hiding billing in Project
2) Admin option to hiding billing in Task
3) Add Project/Edit Project with enable/disable billing
4) Add Task/Edit Task with enable/disable billing
3209-04-20167.01.108 New featureMy project ,My Reports,My TaskMy project ,My Reports,My Task1)add project with Work Order Value/Already Billed /validations
2)add task with Work Order Value/Already Billed /validations
3)Task description box issue fixed in timesheet
4)Task assigned employee list in Add Task page issue fixed
5)rolling back dinesh work - Email Notifications
6)Reports - Show Work Order Value And Already Billed fields in reports
3302-04-20167.01.107 New featureMenu-project-taskMenu-project-task1)add project issue
2)add task issue
3427-03-20167.01.06 New featurePreferences - timesheet setup, My project billablePreferences - timesheet setup, My project billable1)Added billable option in preferences
2)added billable option in timesheet
3)Added billable option in approval page
4)added billable option in reports
5)billable issues fixed
6)quickbook menu item added
3528-02-20167.01.05Bug FixMy Timesheet, My time offMy time off1) timesheet data range navigation server issue fixed
2) mytimeoff page server issue fixed
3627-02-20167.01.04 New featureMy Time offMy Time off1)Project name has to be mandatory when applying for time off. (checkbox)
2)5 days of time off request in my time off page (sick leave or annual leave) from mon to fri leave is requested. 3)then the user has to go to timesheet and submit the timesheet now. Instead if all 5 days of a week are appoved for time off then the timesheet should automatically get approved too.
4)By friday EOD everyone should fill up the timesheet if someone doesn't submit by EOD then send the system should send reminder everyday.
Make timesheet due or overdue notification option to send everyday.
5)timeoff hours to be shown in days in brackets as per the employees work day hours
3715-07-20177.01.42New FunctionalityMy Time sheet and E Mail Notification PreferencesMy Time sheet and E Mail Notification Preferences1) Project Drop Down to show Client Name along with project Name when Show Client Name in Timesheet is selected as false in Admin Option. 2) Access denied page showing when My Email Preference changed by user. 3) Email will trigger to employee only when particular persons hire date prior to time entry start date.
3802-08-20177.01.42New FunctionalityMy ReportsMy Reports"Record showing even before employee joined 1)Time Entry Period 2)Time Entry Periodic Submission Report 3)Timesheet Submission Report
3922-08-20177.01.43Bug FixMy timesheetAdministration options - Preference1) Account Preference option showing server error when new account is created. 2) TimeSheet is not opening when work Type is Null.