In today’s era, online project management software talks all about how to use the right features and techniques. Considering the features and techniques that the project management software provides, completion of a project is more effective and efficient. Many researches conclude that these help to increase the overall performance, output and overall environment of the work.

In this article, we will be discussing main features and techniques that project managers use to make the project easy. In addition, both instruments and methods for project management go hand in hand, having in-depth understanding of both is essential.

Let’s look at some top project management tools that every project manager must consider:

Some of the main features of OfficeTimer as a successful online project management tool are as follows


project management software dashboard

Get real-time dashboards:

What do you mean by real-time dashboards?

It refers to real time information as when the activity on the software occurs. In other words, a real time project dashboard is always up-to date with the latest incidents that happens with your team. Moreover, you can take the help of dashboard widgets that make the task a lot easier for you as a Manager. Some of these widgets work towards monitoring tasks, health, resources, teams, costs and much more.


Create project plans online:

With everything going paperless, how amazing would it be if Managers could plan their projects online? With free project management software for project planning, comes great features such as online email notification, reminders, notices and alerts.

Task management:

Online Project Management Software like OfficeTimer allows managers and employees to manage task lists. This improves your productivity by seeing what is due today across all your projects. This task management software also helps update tasks easily & share tasks with anyone. It also gives email alerts and receive the privilege to update tasks anytime and anywhere.



Provide instant reports:

Instant reports based on the organization employees and functions play a critical role in helping decision making. With the help of online project management software, managers get readily generated reports on a frequent basis. These reports are accurate to the data and information that you enter into the software. Moreover, the software generates these reports which are accurate, reliable and hold high credibility.



Time-sheets that save time:



Time-sheets are a huge help when it comes to the following aspects that saves valuable time.

  • What are the outstanding tasks?
  • Who is really busy when it comes to working on the project?
  • Who is logging lots of hours?
  • What tasks and processes are going to overrun their estimate time?
  • Who is working on what tasks?

Manage team workload:

Managing team workload now becomes a cake walk with the effort of time-sheets, instant reports, online project planning and task assigning.

Project Management Techniques

Classic technique:

This is the simplest and traditional technique in project management. It is more useful for running projects. It includes various process like:

  1. Preparing a plan of upcoming work.
  2. Further, estimating tasks to perform.
  3. And allocating resources.
  4. Providing and getting feedback from the team, and
  5. Finally, monitoring quality and deadlines.

One mostly uses this technique for smaller teams to ease the complexity of the work.

Waterfall technique:

This technique is also one of the traditional technique. It takes the classic approach to the next level. This technique talks about the sequence of the tasks. And the next step starts only with the completion of the preceding task. This technique is widely used in complex projects where detailed phasing is required and successful delivery relies on the rigid structure of the job.

Agile Project management technique:

This method is a set of principles mostly focusing on the value-centric approach. It describes dividing the project into short sprints. It uses adaptive planning and continuous improvement. Also it encourages the self-organization and cooperation of teams aimed at producing maximum value. It includes agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, DSDM, FDD, etc. This is mostly used in software development projects. This involves frequent iterations and is carried out by tiny, extremely cooperative teams.

Rational unified technique:

Rational Unified Process (RUP) is a framework for teams and initiatives in the growth of software. It prescribes the implementation of an iterative development method. This takes into account feedback from product customers when planning future development stages. This is mostly used in the software development projects where their key requirement is their end users.

Program evaluation and review technique:

One of the most common methods in different fields is the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT). It includes complex and thorough planning and visual monitoring of PERT charts job outcomes. However, its key aspect is the evaluation of the project’s duties. This method is mostly used in large or long-term projects where tasks are not routine and the tasks are challenging.

Critical Path method:

Actually, this technique is an algorithm. It is often used in combination with the PERT method mentioned above. It is generally used for scheduling and managing project works. Moreover, this method includes detecting the shortest route (task sequence) and thus identifies the critical functions from the start to the end of a project. Tasks that affect the entire project’s deadlines are critical. Therefore, require closer attention and thorough monitoring. This method is mostly used in complex projects where the deadlines and delivery of projects are critical.

Critical chain method:

Critical Chain is a method that comes from PERT and Critical Path techniques that is more innovative. It focuses less on strict job order and scheduling. It also prescribes more resource allocation flexibility and increases attention to time usage. Therefore, this method highlights prioritization, analysis of dependencies, and time expenditure optimization. Therefore its use is in complex projects with limited resources use this method.

Extreme project management:

Extreme project management technique (XPM) highlights flexibility in planning, open approach, and reducing of formalism and governance of determinism. It depends on the extreme programming techniques. Generally it focuses not on formal methods and rigid stages, but on the human factor in project management. Moreover, it is used to manage uncertain and unpredictable variables in big, complicated and uncertain projects.

Some of the main features of OfficeTimer as the best project management software are as follows.

  1. Get real-time dashboards.
  2. And create project plans online.
  3. Also focus on task management.
  4. Further, provide instant reports.
  5. Time-sheets that save time.
  6. Moreover, manage team workload.
  7. Finally, manage multiple projects.


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