Project Management System as we all know it did not exist until 1950’s before then, the project were the domain of architecture, engineers and those operating in construction and manufacturing sectors. Halfway through the 20th century, infrastructure development went into overdrive and with this, the amount of capital and manpower deployed for any one project surged. This is when they systematically started using Cloud-based project-management tools.

The forefathers and designers of project management include Henry Gantt (Now famous for his creation of the Gantt chart) as well as Henri Fayol for his definition of the five management functions that are now utilized for project management purposes.

With that we come to the basic purpose of Enterprise project management, they are:

  1. To achieve project goals within the given limitations.
  2. To optimize the allocation of limited resources to pre-defined goals

Optimization of resources allocation is where Online Project Management Software can play a pivotal role within an organization.

Office Timer’s Online Project Management Software arms entrepreneurs and managers with the ability to have a much deeper understanding of what is going on within the company. This is done through our three-pronged approach to Project Management:

 Project Creation

  • Create Project Teams
  • Select Project Manager
  • Allow the manager to approve timesheet, expenses and also track project progress.

Project Management

  • Create unlimited Clients, Projects, Tasks
  • Project and Task level Security
  • Define and Manage Project Milestones
  • Attach Unlimited project/task Documents
  • Four types of Project Billing

Employee Modules

    • Group Tasks into Billable and Non-Billable
    • Track Task Progress
    • Capture all Task Comments
    • Import / Export Projects & Tasks
    • Broadcast Task Comments via Email

OfficeTimer project management software has an intuitive user interface and the fact that it is online means that companies need not spend anything more for the procurement of expensive computer hardware or wait for installation and delivery. It’s as simple as creating an account, logging in and using it for FREE (one-month free trial).

By using project management, it makes it easy to maintain team communication on the cloud by commenting right in each project task and ensure that every team member is kept informed about the project activities without having to send any emails to the team. You will find project management software at its best.

The importance of Project Management Software is to makes our lives easier. OfficeTimer clients have gone to record stating that there is an increase in their employee productivity by 15% and their billing by over 10%.

Client Speak

In conversation with Rajiv Pradhan, SkillNet Solutions Inc – Officetimer


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