Just like any other business vertical, architecture has its own set of unique process automation requirements. Irrespective of the firm’s market size, there is always a mounting pressure to deliver noteworthy results that fetch more customers. Typically in architecture, a lot of coordination is required when it comes to managing an in-house team, devising construction contracts, budgeting, client negotiation meetings, monitoring and tracking projects real time apart from coordinating with civil staff & consultants from the related scope of work. In case of a large architectural firm, there might be multiple hands on the deck to manage multiple functions and in a smaller firm, a single person has to do it all. So, in both cases, there is a need for automation when it comes to co-ordinating thereby, necessitating the need for implementing an enterprise project management software.

Critical Goals in Architecture That Calls for Automation

Even though the fundamentals of project management remain similar to that of others, but it differs in critical points. Delivering an entire facility in time incurs challenges of weather and climatic conditions which impact work, availability of civil workers and exceptionally minimal scope for iterations. So for an architectural firm, the five critical goals that need to be met are:

On time Project Delivery

The delivery timelines of a project can get impacted because of poor forecasting of budget and resource requirements and lack of communication for restricting multiple changes at the design stage. In the field of architecture, the cause for delays cannot be foreseen. Therefore, this necessitates the need for adopting efficient online project management software that collects all possible data points on resource availability and global project visibility for better planning and execution.

Strict Adherence to the Budget

It cannot be denied that the creative aspect associated with architecture often makes it impossible for the architectural team to stringently adhere to the pre-decided budget. Manually maintaining a record for all expenses at all stages where the spent overrides the budget is next to impossible and is prone to error. Therefore, in order to ensure better cost estimates and effectively manage billable hours, it is imperative that architectural firms implement project tracking software at its

Mitigate Change and Delays

Delays in work result from delay in sanction of the construction permit, unavailability of skilled resources for certain specific work, and approvals from the client itself. For this, the workflow mechanism should be such that work can be quickly assigned to available resources the moment approval is received.

Management of Various Documents

Right from the project proposal to invoices to multiple approvals of the project, there are innumerable documents and invoices that need to be carefully sorted and maintained for the ready referral. Manually it is quite a daunting task and can slow down the productive work. In the current scenario, it is imperative to implement employee project management software to create a repository of business-critical documents in readable formats with different access controls.

Management of Time

Architecture is undoubtedly is a creative field and therefore, it is only possible that achieving the desired result might be time-consuming. In order to monitor the time devoted to each task, it is important to have a system automate the task. Scheduling a task, conducting
communication audits and measurement of task performance would be pivotal if a project has to be delivered on time. At the same, project tracking capabilities enable architects to measure the progress of work at each stage of construction and thereby, ensure superior quality of
work. The only way to harness multiple business process automation capabilities under the ambit of a single software solution is to invest in
good online project management software.

Top 5 Project Management Software for Architectural Firms

A lot has already been explained in terms of the specific challenges that pertain to architecture. So here is a list of top 5 project management
software solutions that have been known to deliver the best results and they are:

1. Hub staff– Deemed as one of the most effective projects management system for architects, Hub staff empowers architects and design engineers to efficiently take the projects forward, well within the budget whilst adhering to the delivery timelines. This software suite offers superior reporting capabilities to enable the project managers to meticulously create a project plan and cost estimates.

2. Deltek Ajera– In the AEC (Architecture Engineering & Construction space, Ajera is one of Deltek’s premium offerings. Ajera benefits the architectural firm with real-time project management tools and superior business intelligence for forecasting and managing the budget & resources at each stage of the construction.

3. ArchiOffice– As the name suggests, this online project management software has been specifically designed for managing projects pertaining to architecture. Invoicing & billing capabilities, archiving &amp storing, project phase schedules, and secure notes for contract & projects are some of the power packed features that simplify project management.

4. ArchiSnapper– This is an out-and-out field report tool that enables architects and construction team to draft reports, sketch, draw, comment and submit the work at the same time. So the field reports can be completed onsite without having to struggle to find separate time for it.

5. ArchSmarter – The tool that helps architects work smarter. So that’s ArchSmarter, a project management system, designed to offer specific training, an extensive library of Revit macros for process automation and smart templates.

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