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Employees can  enter time log in three different ways to keep the track of their work time.

timesheet Software

Employees can manage and plan their leaves according to their updated time off sheet.

my time off

Employees/Managers can see the status of all the projects and their timelines.

my projects

Employees can update and track all the tasks assigned to them and prioritize their work.

my tasks

Get relevant information about all the employees in your company.

employee list

Fill in the required information to add an employee to your company workforce.

employee create

Additional informations such as billing rate, employee rate and work type are available here for every employee.

employee billing

All information about clients is available here.

client lists

Fill in all the details about a new client and add them your client list.

client creation

Every minute detail about all the projects is availble here.

my projects

Multiple options are available here to add them in your project dashboard.

project grid

Under “More” tab you can get all associated information like about a project like team, tasks and milestones

project grid

Add new projects by filling in all the relevant information.

project grid

Define project timeline and assign project managers under this tab.

project grid

Mention project billing rate and add project team & milestone under this tab.

project grid

Project task list shows all the tasks assigned to a particular employee and also start date for the tasks.

project tasks lists

With the progress in the task employee can edit the task and update it with the current status of the task, also add some attachment if required.

project tasks

Add tasks for an employee along with task start date and priority of the task.

project task edit

A multitude of the dashboard for every module with a single click, coming soon!!

Project dashboard