It’s imperative that efficient management of any workforce in an organization requires taking care of timelines, planning & estimation and applying productive human resources practices. Timelines, people, and project planning involve tasks like tracking day-to-day time hours spent on the job per employee, the public holidays per year for all employees in the organization, monthly and yearly leaves taken as per yearly leave policy. One of the key factors very important for project and organization planning is the management of employee leaves and leave policy as a whole.

The leave policy for public holidays would vary according to the geographies in a country or worldwide, and within states and provinces in a country to adhere to local demands, conditions, and traditions. In addition, every employee has provision for different types of leaves like sick leaves, paid time-off, maternity or paternity leaves, restricted leaves, attendance records so on and so forth. These days it’s quite common that we use some kind of software most likely online software to track employee leaves.

Any leave management software must be flexible enough to take into account all kinds of employee leaves and present a pleasing user interface to officiate the system as well as provide ease of use to employees to self-manage their leave accounts. Additionally, the leave management software can provide rule-based settings for provisioning adjustable leave regulations. It can also accommodate per department settings and different location settings. The software ought to record leaves for any given length of time so that historical data can be gleaned for future analysis and planning. The integration of leave management software with human resources payroll system automates employee pay related efforts thereby minimizing month-end pay hassles.

Various leave and attendance management software exist in different formats. Trends show that most vendors and users are moving towards online, cloud-based model which is preferred for a comfort of use and flexibility, which can be accessed from anywhere and with any device with a simple standard compliant browser. We at OfficeTimer have designed a simple to use and ready cloud-based leave management service applicable to small to medium-sized companies as well as larger companies from many verticals.

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