Gone are the days when the HR managers would go through the attendance marking sheet on excel and spend hours calculating the payroll of all the employees. In order to manage the resources and empower them to deliver their best, HR and project managers are moving to cloud owing to the superior level of efficacy and cost-effectiveness. The decision to move away from the manual means of employee attendance management and migrating to a cloud-based leave and attendance management with biometric is a huge business decision. It calls for a strong backing by the well-evaluated critique on the business productive features offered.

Why should you reach for the cloud?

First of all, let’s understand the entire narrative behind the increasing preference for attendance and leave management software across industry verticals.

Improve business efficiency-

Migrating the leave management system to the cloud means eliminating the tedious processes of filing, maintaining and searching for employee data. This is a clear indication of moving toward an error-free operational framework powered by automation. The leave management software suite based on cloud ensures a centralized system that offers features for supporting leave eligibility, calculating entitlements and providing instant notifications. This provides a lot of time for productive work and in addition to that, the reports generated by the system empowers project and HR managers to effectively focus on improving the overall operational efficiency.

Drive Cost Effectiveness-

Inaccurate payroll calculation can incur huge costs to the company. The automated online leave management system ensures that an employee gets the leaves he or she is entitled to, neither more nor less, barring certain exigencies. The automated system sends notifications each time a leave is availed thereby, putting the managers and the employees on the same page. This not only builds up an atmosphere of compliance but also helps in calculating the correct payroll and measuring the performance of every employee. Additionally, the cloud-based system ensures that an enterprise only pays for using software as a service and not for the entire suite. Also, with a cloud-based service, an enterprise ends up using an updated system at all times compared to a purchased software suite where one has to pay extra for updates.

Superior management of time-

Money, time and manpower are three undisputed resources in any enterprise. Managing these three to drive maximum productivity calls for a certain level of automation and a superior reporting feature. The leave management software suites available in the market are competitive when it comes to innovation and pricing. The key principle is to ensure superior management of time and manpower to drive cost effectiveness and generation of target ROI.

Improve enterprise adaptability-

This is one of the most pivotal spaces where the attendance and leave management software vendors are trying to innovate and offer features that skyrocket enterprise profitability by bringing down the cost of adding new employees to the system. Traditionally, in non-cloud based software, an enterprise has to predict a ballpark number for employees to be hired and added into the system. This automatically entails a humongous cost for purchasing adequate capacity. For a cloud based system, an enterprise only has to pay for the capacity for the current time period of use.  

Augment anytime anywhere accessibility-

Accessibility is an important feature in any software system designed in current times. Businesses have become dynamic and call for features that allow a user to access the system anytime and from anywhere for fulfilling important business functions.

The greatest benefits of cloud-based attendance management system is that it ensures stupendous business connectivity and scalability that impacts business productivity in the long run.

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