Leave Management System – Introduction

Online leave management software, in simple words, is managing the leave system of an organization. Organizations often require an expert who can plan, organize, analyze, interpret and make decisions regarding employee leave policies. Moreover, the HR specialist usually always performs these roles. However, the industry and market are beginning to witness a gradual change from manual leave management to digital leave management system adoption.

Let’s look into some of the most difficult challenges that an organization can dodge by improvising and adopting the automated employee leave management systems. Some of the challenges that an organization can tackle with this strategy are as follows.

Reduce the loads of paper work:

Yes, it is true that manual and analog techniques of managing your HR can include a lot of paper usage. Further, SMEs and other large scale enterprises do make use of spreadsheets and a lot of papers in order to store employee documentations. This however, includes a lot of tedious manual efforts which tend to deteriorate the quality of analysis. Therefore, accurately tracking and analyzing employee leaves and absenteeism can be a rather tough challenge. This is when automation comes handy.

1. It helps in streamlining leave procedures.

2. Employee leave information are managed centrally.

3. And consequently, applications and approvals are controlled effectively online, thereby reducing its dependency on paperwork.

Understanding the employee leave pattern:

In order to understand, analyze, interpret and make a decision, the existence of data is crucial. Further, organizations can accumulate this data manually or with the help of automated software systems. Making use of these leave management systems can be one of the best decisions the HR department of an organization can make. Not only would it be accurate in collecting information but would play a significant role in effective analysis which would directly enhance the decision-making efficiency. Moreover, understanding leave patterns could help resolve queries and problems such as:

1. Reason for absenteeism

2. Perceptual mapping of employees regarding the job they have

Leave management process:

The leave management system can be made a lot easier and helpful by automating the entire thing. Automated and leave management system online have a set of features that can help accurate interpretations. A few such features are as follows:

1. Instant leave updates on the system dashboards

2. Moreover, managing leave policies

3. Reduce the usage of papers for leave requests and approvals

4. Further, maintain a holiday calendar for multiple centers across the globe

5. Generate comprehensive reports on employee leave behavior and patterns

6. Plan resources immediately by knowing who have applied for leaves on specific days.

7. Increase the efficiency and productivity of your teams by avoiding the time spent for sending email leave applications and approvals.

In other words, the future or scope of effective and efficient employee leave management lies in the adoption of leave management systems that allow HR Managers to go ahead with the most suitable decision to a specific problem statement. Further, it is also important to understand that you can only improvise those that you can measure and quantify. Therefore, being able to correctly measure the employee leave patterns and perceptions can help you work towards making a positive improvement.

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