OfficeTimer constantly endeavors to value-add to the businesses it supports through its business-centric features such as the Reports.  The reports generated by OfficeTimer are highly customizable and replete with a choice of filters to synchronize and derive the desired data to track and manage time, expenses, users, and projects. These reports can be viewed within OfficeTimer or saved to a PDF or Excel (CSV) file.


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List of Reports Generated By OfficeTimer

My Reports Dashboard Interface has clear Categories of Report under the heads:

  1. User- The User Tab basically gives a bird’s eye view of reports generated by attendance and leave management software module along with expense management software This offers an employee’s detailed information for the very purpose of payroll calculation, timesheet and leave management. It has multiple subcategories of reports that offer:1.Collated details of an employee’s leaves in a specified range
    2.Timesheet record of a user over the given period of time
    3.A detailed record of an employee’s absence over a period of time
    4.Detailed expense sheets for a given user

OfficeTimer User Reports

  1. Project Management- The project management software module offers the project managers to manage multiple projects and keep a track of the resources and him OfficeTimer regarding the same. This particular module enables the project managers to import reports that offer:1.Detailed task sheets and project team records
    2.Records of expense approvals over a period of time
    3.Summary of task status of multiple projects
    4.Records of project cost and revenue

Project Managare OfficeTimer

  1. Billing-The expense management software module offers a deep insight into the project costing and expenses thereby, impacting both the top line and bottom line of an organization directly. This module enables the finance department to import reports that offer:1.Detailed billing records of a user over a period of time
    2.Department-wide timesheet record for a user
    3.Summary of expenses incurred on a project
    3.A detailed record of expenses related to individual projects
    4.Record of employee-wide project summary record

 Billing OfficeTimer

  1. Audit Trail– The audit trail module protects valuable reports and also enables the auditors to track the origins of reports when required. The auditors through this module derive organizational wise significant reports that offer:1.Expense sheet audit trail
    2.Timesheet for audit trail

Audit Trail OfficeTimer

  1. Administrator– The administrator module offers a bird’s eye view of data involving multiple clients, users across multiple locations, multiple departments and projects. This module enables the top line administrators to access reports that offer:1.Details of clients both at national and international level
    2.Cumulated record and details of various departments, employees, external users and projects
    3.Detailed records of multiple offices across the different locations

Admin OfficeTimer

    1. Timesheet Advanced– The timesheet module generates and manages the daily reports on time and delves advanced reports that offer:1.A detailed record of working hours of a user for a given period of time
      2.Record of employee occupancy for a given period of time
      3.Details on project wise billing and location record of a user

    Timsheet Advanced OfficeTimer

    1. Attendance and Timeoff Reports– The employee timesheet software module enables managers and other users in the different hierarchy to access multiple reports that offer:1.Record of daily attendance
      2.Hourly time record for a given user for a given period of time
      3.The time off the hourly record for a user for a given point in time
      4.TimeOff policy record for a given user for a given point in time

    Attendance TimeOff OfficeTimer


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