Leave management software happens to be one of the most important activities of the Human Resources Department encapsulating a significant portion of their time. This is because they have to jostle with several different factors such as government compliance, availability of sufficient staff as well as maintaining the morale of retained employees.

According to a Mercer Survey, in which 500 employers participated:

  • The minimum cost of employee absence is equivalent to 35% of an employee’s salary
  • Employee absences result in 19% of net lost productivity per day
  • Indirect costs of absence include: business disruption, overtime, temporary workers, customer dissatisfaction and employee turnover

Amidst juggling of various compliance issues, employee morale and productivity a manual leave management system only adds to the complexity and at the same time doesn’t guarantee an error-free process. This is where an automated full-time leave management software can have the highest impact on an organization. Self-service portals allow employees to apply for leaves on their own and the software evaluates the application against the employee leave balance.

The various benefits of leave management software are:

  • Removal of excess paperwork/spreadsheets
  • Legal Compliance by systematically recording information to be used in case of dispute
  • Tracks Leave Pattern with Employee Leave management database

Leave Management System Officetimer provides all these benefits along with a few more such as:

  • Define an unlimited number of leave types
  • Customise leave types based on labor laws of your region
  • Accurate Leave calculations;
  • Our accrual engine will accrue leaves weekly or monthly based on your settings
  • Customize deductions for sandwich leave and other types of leaves based on your company policy
  • Our versatile mobile app to upload travel documents, medical notes along with your leave requests
  • Employers can use the same app to sanction annual leaves for employees

All this as through an easy to use and intuitive user interface and the fact that it is online means that companies don’t have to spend anything more for the procurement of expensive computer hardware or wait for installation and delivery. It’s as simple as creating an account, logging in and using and at a per employee rate (per month) equivalent to the price of a BigMac.

What we have mentioned till now is how our annual Leave Planning Software makes your life easier. But we also understand your need for us to demonstrate business-level benefits of using our product. Well, the proof is in the pudding, our customers have gone to record to state that OfficerTimer has helped them to

  • Increase their employee productivity by 15% and;
  • Their billing by over 10%.

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