Leave Management System

Apply for and Track your leaves and time-offs

OfficeTimer leave management software lets you request for your leaves in advance and have it approved by your manager or enter the leaves already availed directly in the timesheet. Keep track of all the leaves availed with the click of a mouse.

  • Customizable Timesheet
  • Create Unlimited Leave Types
  • Create Unlimited Leave Policy
  • Distinct Leave Policy for Each Employee
  • Accurate Leave Accrual Engine
  • Earn Leaves Weekly / Monthly / Yearly
  • Earn Leaves on Anniversaries
  • Track Leaves Availed and Leave Balance
  • Export Leave / Time Off Reports
  • Approve / Reject Leaves from Anywhere using Mobile Apps


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Leave approved

Employee Leave Management and Leave Validations

OfficeTimer leave accrual engine will automatically calculate the leaves you have earned and the leave validation will deduct the leaves consumed over a period of time. Our leave management software will let you know the leave balance available for you on any given day.

Different Leave Policies for Different Employees

Define different leave policies for different group of employees. For instance, your employees with over 2 years of experience might be eligible for more number of leaves when compared to the ones with less than 2 years experience. Also, define unlimited leave types like annual leaves, sick leave, maternity leave etc.,

Leave calendar


"We have been looking around for a simple to use time tracking software to track working hours of our team across different projects. After testing several other tools that were either bloated or missing required key functionalities, we came across OfficeTimer which does exactly what we want. The best thing: test it for free and if you run into any problems, support will be extremely responsive. So far I did not find anything better for my time tracking needs!"

-  Benjamin Spiss, Managing Director,
    SUNFOX Games, Vienna, Austria



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