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Reports are helpful for determining how time is utilized throughout your organization and for reviewing project costs and client billing. You can generate reports to review detailed or summarized data. OfficeTimer allows you to create highly-customized reports to assist with tracking and management of time, expenses, users, and projects. Reports can be viewed within OfficeTimer or saved to a PDF or Excel (CSV) file.

A number of default reports have been installed with OfficeTimer; refer to Default Reports for a list of these reports and their uses. You can run these reports without modification, or customize these reports using by clicking on [Customize] link in [My Report] page.

If you are running a text report with Summary Options selected, choose the Data Display Style:

  • Detailed: each report entry will display in a separate row. Plus, a summary row will display for each row grouping and for the report as a whole.
  • Consolidated: only summary rows will display &endash; for each row grouping and for the report as a whole

The best way to start learning which reports work best for you is by viewing the report previews and running test reports.

Reports can be launched by clicking on [My Reports]link in the left navigation menu.

Report Home Page :



Parts of report:

  1. Filter option of report. These filter option are available in all reports.  Just select your required filter and click on [Show] button to get report output.
  2. Report toolbar. Report toolbar has options of exporting reports and page navigation buttons.
  3. Report output. Actual report output based on selected report filter.

Running a Report

To run a report:

  1. Navigate report home page using either left navigation menu [My Reports] or from top menu[REPORTS].
  2. Select Reports from report page which you want to run.
  3. Select the data to be displayed in the report by setting the filters provided on top of report.

Exporting a Report

To export a report

  1. Run report
  2. Select your desired exportable format [PDF, HTML, XLS, RTF].
  3. Click on[Export] icon just right on exportable format dropdown.

Printing a Report

To print a report

  1. Run report
  2. Click on [Print]icon in report toolbar to print currently selected reports.