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OfficeTimer reports are generating using pre-defined report data-sources. From these data-sources, user can select/unselect columns which they want to be showed in reports. User can also define grouping, different summarized functions and custom formulas on all available datasource columns.

Report Datasource:

These are the report datasource currently available in OfficeTimer.

  1. Time Entry
  2. Time Entry Approval Activity
  3. Expense Entry
  4. Expense Entry Approval Activity
  5. Clients
  6. Projects
  7. Tasks
  8. Employees
  9. Departments
  10. Attendance
  11. Absence
  12. Locations
  13. External Users

Report Designer Steps:

OfficeTimer Report Designer consists of 3 important wizard steps. Following are the name of steps and a brief description of every steps:

  1. Step: 1 – Report Description (For defining report name, report icon, report category and report type (detailed or consolidated))
  2. Step: 2 – Report Datasource Selection
    • For selecting / un-selecting datasource column from reports.
    • For selecting fields on which report grouping is required.
    • For selecting group summary type (sum, count) etc for report columns
    • For defining formulas for formula fields.
    • For defining caption of report column.

Detail timesheet Customized(Reports)

  1. Step 3 : Column and Group ordering
    • Ordering of report columns.
    • Ordering of report groups.

My Report Group Ordering