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You can use the OfficeTimer left side menu bar at the left of the page and top menus to navigate through the application based on the type of work you are doing. Each item is only available to a user if they have been given access to the features within that menu, based on their role-based permissions.

Contact your system administrator if you do not know your organization’s OfficeTimer URL. This URL is dependent upon your server type and name, and the server’s port number.

Those using the ASP (hosted) implementation can access OfficeTimer through the Employee Login section of

To ensure full functionality of the application, you should allow pop-ups for the OfficeTimer website.

Types of Menus:

There are three types of menus and options available in OfficeTimer:

  1. Top navigation menu:
    • My Area
    • Tasks
    • Projects
    • Timesheet
    • Expenses
    • Reports
  2. Left-hand side navigation menus (hierarchy)
    • Home
      • My Area(My area options include all employees own daily routine options like adding tasks, timesheet entry, expense entry, profile, personal reports etc)
        • My Tasks(To add and list of employee own task. Employee can then search other employee tasks also using this page)
        • My Profile(To change profile, password and other personal information)
        • My Projects(Show only those projects in which you are assigned)
        • My Timesheet(Show daily timesheet of an employee. You can switch week view of timesheet by clicking on WeekView of timesheet)
        • My Expense Entries(Show daily expense entries. It allow to add new expense entry records)
        • My Reports(Show main reporting page)
      • Project Management(Project management area includes different project management pages like approval of timesheet and expenses)
        • Timesheet Approval(Timesheet approval page)
        • Expense Approval(expense approval page)
      • Administration(All system administration options)
        • Admin options(This page will launch main administration page). Admin options further have these sub-options to manage and configure TimeSheet solution.
          • Organization Setup
            • Locations(To manage locations (branches) of your organization.
            • Departments(To manage departments of your organization)
            • Roles(To manage organization roles of your organization)
            • Working Days(Setting up working days in your organization)
            • Task Type(Setting and customizing task types)
            • Priorities(setting and customizing priorities of tasks)
            • Role-based permission(setting of access rules of application features on application roles)
          • Timesheet / Project / Billing Setup
            • Billing types(billing types setup)
            • Absence types(configure types of absence in your organization)
            • Project types(configure types of project in your organization)
            • Preferences(Timesheet, organization, billing, internationalization preferences)
            • External Users(Configuring external users through which you can allow client to approve their own project timesheet using OfficeTimer system).
            • External Users(Configuring external users through which you can allow client to approve their own project timesheet using OfficeTimer system)
          • Expenses Setup
            • Expense Types(configure types of expenses)
            • Expenses(configure expense code as per your organization needs)
            • Currencies(configure currencies and exchange rates)
            • Tax Code(configure tax code and their calculation formulas)
            • Payment Method(configure payment method and define your own custom payment method)
          • Archive
            • Time Entry Archive(Archive of all timesheet records)
            • Expense Entry Archive(Archive of all expense entry records)
          • Import / Export
            • Import / Export (CSV)(Importing and exporting of all types of OfficeTimer data to CSV files)
        • Clients(To manage clients of your organization)
        • Employees(To manage employees of your organization)
        • Projects(To manage projects of your organization)

If you have problems accessing Web TimeSheet from outside your network, contact your system administrator.