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OfficeTimer allows 5 formula fields in every report datasource. User can enter their own custom formula for these columns. And they can perform other reports functions like grouping, calculations (sum etc) and showing in reports.

Detailed Timesheet(Formula Fields)

A typical case for Formula Columns:

Billing departments wants to submit client billing reports with 10% extra overhead charges. OfficeTimer administrator then decided to [customize][Task Billing By Projects/Clients] in [Billing Reports] category.

Report before customized:

ask Billing by Project client

Here are the steps required to be followed for customizing [Task Billing By Projects/Client] report:

  1. Click on [My Reports] to launch [My Reports] page.
  2. Click on [Customize] link of report [Task Billing By Projects/Clients] in [Billing Reports] category.

Task Billing Tool

  1. Click on [Next] in [Report Definition Information] wizard step.
  2. In [Report Data Selection] wizard step: follow these steps to customize [Task Billing By Project/Clients] reports to achieve above mentioned requirements.Task billing Formula Fields
    1. Check on [FormulaField1] and update its caption to [Overhead Charges].
    2. Select [Sum] in [Show Summary] dropdown of [FormulaField1].
    3. Enter formula for calculating 10% of Amount: Amount * 10 / 100.
    4. Check on [FormulaField2] and update its caption to [Net Billing Amount].
    5. Select [Sum] in [Show Summary] dropdown of [FormulaField2].
    6. a.Enter formula for sum of original amount field and calculated [Overhead Charges] : Amount + FormulaField1.
    7. a.Click on [Next] to update these changes.
  3. Click on [Finish] button in final wizard step [Column and Group order].
  4. Now a new report will be created with name [Task Billing By Projects/Clients CustomizedTask Billing Template
  5. Clicking on this report in [My Reports]will show OfficeTimer customized report with two additional column [Overhead charges] and [Net billing Amount]Report with two Additional Columns(Net Amount)
  6. Click on [Permissions] link to give this customized reports to your required Roles.