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Using Time Off feature, employees can check available time off, make a request, get manager approval. OfficeTimer time off and absence management provides a comprehensive time off and absence management solution unmatched in the industry today.


time off

Features Of Time Off Module in OfficeTimer:

  1. Time off requests, approvals and scheduling.
  2. Users can see how much time off is entitled and request time off accordingly.
  3. Automated n otifications: requests, approvals, rejections, approver notices.
  4. Unlimited time off types and balances
  5. Set up accrual rules that are automatically applied.
  6. Time off accruals engine.
  7. Multiple holiday schedules by country, country groups, or locales.
  8. Approvers can approve time off based on how much is entitled and how much has been requested.
  9. Multi-level Approval Paths for time off configurable at employee level
  10. You may record time off against any enabled[Time Off]type. Some[Time Off Types]may require3[Time Off Request], while others may not, as determined by your administrator
  11. If request is required for[Time Off Type],you must submit[Time Off Request]for a time off type using the[My Time Off]page.
  12. Booked time off will automatically display in your timesheet.
  13. If “Request” is not required for a[Time Off Type], you may enter it directly in your timesheet./p>
  14. User can see all[Time Off Types]balances while submitting[Time Off Request].
  15. Administrator can check the Time Off status of each employee by clicking on[Time Off]link on “Employee” page.