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Depending on how your time off types are configured, time off entered against some or all time off types may require “Time Off Request”. To submit time off request, users must complete a time off request form and then submit it for approval. If approval is required,  OfficeTimer sends each submitted [Time Off Request] through the sequence of approvers that comprise the user’s time off approval path for review. Each approver can either approve or reject the request.

If a[Time Off Type]does not require a request, users enter time against that type directly into their timesheets.

To Approve a time off record:

  1. [Time Off Request]approval type can be created from [Admin Options]–>[Approvals]. Approvals type should have [Is Time Off Approval] checkbox checked.
  2. Administrator can then set that[Approval Type]in employee[Time Off Approval Type]dropdown, while editing of employee information.
  3. Time Off Request records can be approved or rejected from[Manage]&endash;->[Time Off Approval].
  4. To Approve a time off record, select[Approved]checkbox on Time Off record which you want to approve.
  5. Enter your comments in ”Comments” textbox.
  6. Click on[Update Time Off Approvals]button to confirm these approvals

To reject a time off request:

  1. Select[Rejected]checkbox on “Time Off Request Record” record which you want to reject.
  2.  Enter your comments in ”Comments” text box.
  3. Click on[Update Time Entry Approvals]button to confirm these approvals.

TimeOff Approval page1

TimeOff Approval page2