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About Period View:

Using [Period View] of time entry, employee can enter daily time sheet with full view of whole week. Employee can submit these time entries for approval by clicking on [Submit] button.

Time entry week view can be access using <My Area> — <My Timesheet> –> <Period View> from main menu.

Features of Time Entry – Period View:

    1. Easy single format of entering whole week time entries for different project and task in single save.
    2. Period View can be configured using [Admin Options]–>[Working Days] for following configuration.
      • Changing of period type (Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Month, Monthly) for period view.
      • Week Start Day.
      • Week working days.
      • Validation of hours for time entry (Minimum Hours / Maximum Hours per day and per period).
    3. Period view of time entry also supports both two types of format (standard and with start time and end time) . You can customize this option using Admin option –> Preferences (Show Clock Start/End] option.
    4. A client selection dropdown can also be enabled in Time Entry using Admin Options–>Preferences option name [Show Client In Timesheet].
    5. Standard timesheet (just with total time of a time entry record)Weekly view with Worktype
      • Time entry with Start time and End time (additional start time / end time field with standard total time field)Timesheet with Start _ End Time Entry

Adding of Time entry record using Period View:

  1. By default, OfficeTimer always give two blank rows in week view to enter new timesheet record.
  2. On save, OfficeTimer will give additional 2 rows for entering more time entries
  3. Select project in blank row of week view for which you want to enter time entry record.
  4. Select task of that selected project in that same row
  5. Enter Start time (Time In / Time Out mode only)
  6. Enter End time (Time In / Time Out mode only)
  7. Enter Total Time

You can continue on adding new row in time entry record from next row. If you want to add more row, save it first and then OfficeTimer system will give additional 2 rows for entering more records.

Deleting of time entry record:

  1. Navigate to Total Time field either using mouse or using keyboard.
  2. Remove information in [Total Time] field which is already entered.
  3. Click on [Save] to save this delete.

Updating time entry record:

  • Navigate to field which you want to change.
  • Change your content in that field.
  • Click on [update] to save this update.

Submitting time entry record:

  • Click on [Submit] button to submit time entries for approvals. After submit, all time entry will become read-only for users.
  • After submit, time entry show submit and approval status in bottom of week view.