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Task types is an identity of a task representing of particular task group. It can be different for different industries and organizations. OfficeTimer provides few pre-defined tasks with option of adding your own required task types in system.

System administrator can setup task type using[Admin Options]–>[Task Type].

Task type


Adding new task type:

To add new task type:

  1. Enter new task type in “Task Type Information” form.
  2. Click on[Add]to add this department

Deleting Task type:

  1. In[Task Type List], click on[Delete]link of record which you want to delete.
  2. Click on[Yes]on delete confirmation dialog

Editing Task Type:

  1. In[Task Type List], click on[Edit]link of record which you want to modify.
  2. Update your required modification in[Task Type Information]form.
  3. Click on[Update]button to update this record.