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Role Permission are used to define the activities and features users can access. Each role  has a name and list of actions. The administrator assigns roles to each user when adding new employee.

Role permissions allow you to restrict or expand a user’s access to OfficeTimer system. Consider each role carefully before assigning actions to that role.

OfficeTimer provide 4 pre-defined security roles which can be customized through role permission.  Also administrator can create their own custom roles and can assign their own required permssions.

Pre-defined roles:

  1. Administrator
  2. User
  3. Project Manager
  4. Team Lead

role permissions

Each OfficeTimer functionality can be customize using 4 level of access permissions.

  1. List / View (Only view permission)
  2. Add (Add permission)
  3. Edit (Edit permission)
  4. Delete (Delete permission)

Updating permission of role:

To update permission of a specific role,

  1. Select that role in role dropdown. And then modify your required permission sets for that particular role.
  2. Click on[update]to update these settings.