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System administrator can define[Billing Rate Type]as[Use Project Employee Billing Rate]to setup project based employee billing rate. Project-based employee billing rate is useful for projects where employee billing rate is different for every different project. There are two steps for setting up project-based billing rate in a project.

Setting up Project based employee billing rate:

1.Define[Use Project Employee Billing Rate]in[Billing Rate Type]when adding new project in OfficeTimer.



2.On click [Add]button, OfficeTimer will open a[Project Team]definition page where user can select project team required for this project with their billing rate.

3.After selecting employees which are required to assigned in this project, click on[Update]to update these changes.

Launching billing rate history page of Project based employee rate:

  • Using billing rate history, administrator can add new billing record with its applicable date and he can also modify any of existing record also by clicking on[Edit]link.
  • Administrator can delete any of these billing history record by clicking on[Delete]link.
  • Billing history should be configure before entering timesheet record. Otherwise time entry will not pick billing rate defined after recording time entry.
  • In case if Administrator wants to modify billing rate of exiting time entry records, he can just add / edit billing rate record in history with selection of checkbox[Update all records within time range]. It will update existing time entry records also with this new updated billing rate in specified date range.
  • To launch billing rate history page, just click on[History]link of any role selected for current project.