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Preferences option allow Administrator to setup different application-level parameters which are required for their organization.

OfficeTimer preferences section have four different sections.

  1. Customer Information (Organization information of OfficeTimer)
  2. Application Preferences (Application preference has these Timesheet and application configuration options )
    1. Show Clock Start/ End (Check this option if you want StartTime and EndTime field also in timesheet)
    2. Time Entry Format(Time format in your organization)
    3. Standard and Format(Select your international culture.  By default, it iswhich automatically pick culture info from client browser default settings)
    4. Currency Symbol(Select currency which you want to be displayed in your reports. will pick currency symbol from culture selected in [Standard and Format] option.
    5. Session Timeout(Change session timeout, if Administrator wants OfficeTimer session expired after some other certain time)
    6. Show completed task in Timesheet(By default, timesheet only show uncompleted task in time entry.  Administrator can uncheck this option to enable all completed tasks also in TimeEntry task dropdown)
  3. License Key(Enter unlock license keys and click on [Activate] to activate number of users based on provided license keys)
  4. Upload Company Own Logo(Upload company logo and display company own logo where in place of OfficeTimer own logo on top)


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