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A variety of e-mail notifications and alerts can be configured to be automatically sent to employees and managers when managers and employees are required to perform certain duties such as submitting or approving time and expenses.

Available E-mail Notifications include:

  • Send e-mail to approving managers when time/expenses are awaiting their approval.
    • To help with getting time and expenses approved in a timely manner, you can setup notifications so the approving managers are sent an e-mail whenever time/expenses are awaiting their approval. Configure notifications to send one daily (batch) e-mail containing summary information for all sheets awaiting their approval.
  • Send e-mail to employees when time/expenses have been rejected by their manager.
    • When a manager rejects time or expenses submitted by employees, there is usually a need to have the issue quickly resolved. By instantly sending e-mails to the employees, that alert them to the rejected time/expenses, both parties (approving managers and employees) can resolve any problems in an effective manner.
  • Send e-mail to employees detailing their project assignments.
    • Assignment notifications inform the selected users about the projects and tasks that are assigned to them.
  • Send e-mail to employees when their timesheet are incomplete
    • Incomplete Timesheet Notifications alert the selected users when their timesheet is incomplete based on a specified number of hours.