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Rate and Billing

There are four different types ofbilling rate typesconfigurable at project level. Billing rate can be define with its applicable date range with complete history. Timesheet then pick billing rate based on timeentry date from billing rate history defined at employee level, project role level or project employee level.

When you set up a project, you will do the following in addition to setting the basic project characteristics.

  • Select type of billing rate pick option in[Project]from one of these options
    1. [Use employee own billing rate]TimeEntry will pick employee own billing rate defined in[Employee]form.
    2. [Use Project Roles billing rate]TimeEntry will pick role based billing rate defined in[Project Roles]configuration.
    3. [Use Project employee billing rate]TimeEntry will pick project based team member billing rate defined in[Project Team]
    4. [Use Task based billing rate]TimeEntry will pick billing rate defined in individual project tasks.
  • Define the rates to be used for the project
  • Assign a [Project team] and associate rates with each team member
  • Specify [Billable] during adding of new task in order to separate billing and non-billing time recording for billing purpose.

The Relationship Between Rates, Billing & Timesheet

It is very important that you understand the relationship between project rates, project billing options, and users’ timesheets. Because the billing amount for a project is calculated based on the project rates and the time entered against the project by each member of the project team, you want to make sure that you set up the project effectively.

Remember that when you set up a project, you define the rates to be used for the project. You also assign a project team, associate rates with each team member, and specify billable and non-billable for each of the task.