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[Manage Terminology] option now allows OfficeTimer Admin to change Timesheet terms to any of their own custom terminologies. Admin can define which “OfficeTimer” terms they want to modify with their own required name in[Admin Options] –>[Manage Terminology]. After the update, OfficeTimer will then use those terms in everywhere in the application including menus, timesheet, forms, reports etc.

Holiday Year

Defining new Manage Terminology:

  1. In[Manage Terminology List], enter OfficeTimer built-in term in[Teminology Name] field.
  2. Enter your own custom name in [User Defined Name] which you want to show in place of[OfficeTimer built-in name].
  3. Click on[Selected] checkbox in same row where you have defined this record.
  4. Click on[Update]button to update this terminology.
  5. OfficeTimer now will show this custom term defined above instead of built-in term everywhere.