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Billing managers can create invoices and can also check the previous records of the invoice by navigating to[Billing]–>[Invoice Management]menu on the left side menu.

Adding New Invoice:

To add new invoice:

  1. Click on[Billing]in left hand side menu.
  2. Click on[Invoice Management].
  3. Click on[Add]button to add new Invoice.
  4. Select the[Client Name]from the list (to whom you want to make the invoice).
  5. In order to create invoice for a single project, select[Project]from the list. Keep it as “All” if you want to create invoice for all projects for a client.
  6. Enter the date range in[Billing Cycle Start Date]and[Billing Cycle End Date](period to be billed).
  7. Click on the[Populate Un-billed Records]to populate all un-billed time and expense entries in invoice for the given date range.
  8. Click on[Update]button to update the record.
  9. Click on[Update Time Entry and Expense Entry as Billed]once you finished creating your invoice. This will update all time and expense entries as “Billed” in database in order to avoid duplicate invoicing of same data.

Invoice Expense Manage Fields

Editing Invoice:

  1. In[Time Expense Invoice List], click on[Edit]link of record which you want to modify.
  2. Update your required modification in[Invoice information]form.
  3. Click on[Update]to update this record.

Deleting Invoice:

  1. In[Time Expense Invoice List], click on[Delete]link of record which you want to delete.
  2. Click on[Yes]on delete confirmation dialog.

Printing Invoice:

  1. Click on[Print]link to print your invoice. Invoice can be exported to PDF or XLS on print page using export option available.
  2. Invoice use company logo which is uploaded in[Admin Options]–>[Preferences].

Updating Time and Expense Records as Billed:

At the end of finalizing the invoice, you need to mark ”Billed” for the time & expense records included in the current invoice to prevent double invoicing of already billed entries.

  1. Navigate to[Invoice Management].
  2. Click on[Edit]link of record which you want to modify.
  3. Click on[Update Time Entry and Expense Entry Records As Billed]to make all time & expense entries ”Billed”.
  4. [Billed]status of time entry records and expense entry records can be changed from[Billing]–>[Time Billing Worksheet]and[Billing]–>[Expense Entry Worksheet].