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OfficeTimer provides few pre-defined holidays type such as US, UK etc. Administrator can define the holidays as per their organization rules & region by creating new [Holiday Type].

The administrator can create [Holiday Types] with different configurations and can assign these types separately to each individual employee. The administrator can also select pre-defined holidays comes by default with OfficeTimer. Following settings can be configured using Holiday options available in OfficeTimer.

Selecting Pre-defined Holidays Types:

OfficeTimer comes with different pre-defined holidays set. Administrator can select those pre-defined holidays set from[Admin Options]–>[Holidays]. Once selected pre-defined holidays, administrator can fully edit those holidays types in[Admin Options]–>[Holiday Types].

Holiday Types

 Holiday List

Holiday Types Setup:

System administrator can setup holiday types policies using[Admin options]—->[Holiday Type].

Adding Holiday Type:

To add new Holiday Type:

  1. Enter new holiday type in[Holiday Type Information]form which you want to add.
  2. Click on[Add]to add this[Holiday Type]in OfficeTimer system.

Add Holiday

Deleting Holiday Type:

  1. In[Holiday Type List], click on[Delete]link of record which you want to delete.
  2. Click on[Yes]on delete confirmation dialog.


Editing Holiday Type:

  1. In[Holiday Type List], click on[Edit]link of record which you want to modify.
  2. Update your required modification in[Holiday Type Information]form.
  3. Click on[Update]button to update this record.

Defining Holidays Details:

After creating of[Holiday Type], administrator can then define holidays days for that particular[Holiday Type]. To define holidays days in holiday type:

  1. Click on[Holidays]link of[Holiday Type]in which you wish to define holidays.
  2. Use this page to add, edit and delete holidays days of your selected[Holiday Type]

Add Holiday Type