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Administrator can launch billing rate history of individual employees by clicking on“Employees–>Edit–>Billing Rate History”link.

Billing Rate History link in employee edit page:

Employee Own Billing Rate4


More about Employee own billing Rate:

  • Using employee billing rate history, administrator can add new billing record with its applicable data and he can also modify any of existing record also by clicking on[Edit]link.
  • Administrator can delete any of these billiing history record by clicking on[Delete]link.
  • Billing history should be configure before entering timesheet record. Otherwise time entry will not pick billing rate defined after recording time entry.
  • In case if Administrator want to modify time entry records which are already entered by other users, he can just add / edit billing rate record in history with selection of checkbox[Update all records within time range]. It will update existing time entry records also with this new updated billing rate in specified date range.


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