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Department is a division of employees that may define the hierarchical structure, geographic regions, or functional groups within your organization.

If you plan to implement departments, you should define your departments before setting up your employees, allowing you to add an employee and assign the employee a department in one easy step.

System administrator can setup organization departments using[Admin Options]–>[Departments]

Setting up Departments:

By default, a default department name “Default Department” on new account add.  The administrator can rename this default department and can also add new departments.



Renaming “Default Department”:

  1. Click on[Edit]link on default department record.
  2. Enter new department name and department code of default department.
  3. Click on[Update]to update this change.

Adding new department:

To add new department, follow these instructions.

  1. Enter new department code and name in“Department Information”form.
  2. Click on[Add]to add this department.

Deleting Department:

  1. In[Department List], click on[Delete]link of record which you want to delete.
  2. Click on[Yes]on delete confirmation dialog

Editing Department:

  1. In[Department List], click on [Edit] link of record which you want to modify.
  2. Update your required modification in [Department Information] form.
  3. Click on [Update] button to update this record.