FAQ’sCategory: TimesheetWhen trying to input the current day’s timesheet information, one of our employee’s is unable to edit her timesheet. I have inserted a screenshot as below; as you can see the timesheet is greyed out and it doesn’t allow itself to be edited
OfficeTimer Support Staff asked 3 years ago

Please, could you advise on how we can fix this?

3 Answers
OfficeTimer Support Staff answered 3 years ago

Clear the Cache Memory before login, Please Refresh the My Timesheet, Go To Time Entry Archive (Master Data–>Advance Settings–>Timesheet Setup–>Time Entry Archive) and see whether any previous data present by selecting the range of dates of the particular week if present, delete those data. Then the MyTimesheet Page will be unlocked.

OfficeTimer Support Staff answered 3 years ago

The Timesheet of User has been locked because you had one approved record in the My Timesheet as shown in Time Entry Archive Page as shown in below screenshot

OfficeTimer Support Staff answered 3 years ago

But from our side, it’s working. As records in the screenshot of Time Entry Archive will be present on my timesheet so that the MyTimesheet has been locked. Please click on “check all” and select ‘Delete Selected’ button so that the My Timesheet of 30 Oct to 5th Nov will be unlocked. So that you can enter the My Timesheet of that week.