FAQ’sHow to Update the Time off Policy
kiran kumar Staff asked 2 years ago
We are trying to update the holiday policy to ensure that all staff holidays are up-to-date. I have been focusing on my own and initially went to Advanced settings / administration/ time off policies / edit  I have tried to reset the hours to 187.5 but I am unsure which column it needs to be (have added it to earn hours and also reset hours) I then updated After this I went to employee / denene capper /time off leave policy and tried to update time off and reset policy to get the 187.5 hours to appear. Can you please advise how I should be doing this.
1 Answers
kiran kumar Staff answered 2 years ago

Can you please update the available leave hours of Holiday Type  in the time off / leave policy page of an individual employee, so that it will reflects in each employee’s  My Time off Page.

Go to Time off / Leave Policy page (Employee–>Time off / Leave Policy)

Click on Time Off/Leave Policy display you the Time off Status page of an employee where edit the available leave hours & Click on update at the bottom end. 

Now by doing this process the leave hours for holiday type will be updated for an employee and will reflects in each Employee’s Time off Page.

Updaing the Leaves in Time off Policy screen will not reflect since it will be the initial set of time off hours which should be done before you assigned it to an employee.