FAQ’sCategory: TimesheetThe timesheet submissions from Gloria Bellitti need to be approved first by Mark McCullough, then Pietro Como then the contractor.I received comment from Mark and Pietro that these are going to Pietro only.Would you please review the settings and make the necessary correction?
OfficeTimer Support Staff asked 6 years ago
1 Answers
OfficeTimer Support Staff answered 6 years ago

Your Timesheet submitted Project type MCO Telecom Engineer Analyst has Timesheet  Approval type hierarchy as MCO Telecoms(MaCa cc DaPa). So Please go to Approvals((Master Data==>Advance Settings==>Timesheet Setup==>Approvals). Click on Edit on MCO Telecoms(MaCa cc DaPa) and change the approval type priority by clicking on drop-down boxes as 1. Team Lead, 2. Project Manager & 3. Contractor.