FAQ’sCategory: TimesheetMark Young needs to be able to review/approve Nick Peterson’s timesheet entries. His current settings do not show an approval window like they did previously.
OfficeTimer Support Staff asked 3 years ago

You will find his screenshot as an attachment.

2 Answers
OfficeTimer Support Staff answered 3 years ago

It seems like Role Permission was not set for Employee Manager to visible the Approval Icon, So we have updated the Role Permission for Employee Manager now. Please check from Mark’s account whether Approval icon is visible and he can see the Nick’s TimeSheet. Please let us know the status.

OfficeTimer Support Staff answered 3 years ago

FYI Nick is submitted TimeSheet for Project called MSP Frontline Support Services to which TimeSheet Approval Type set as MSPFSS team leader -> employee manager, i.e Approval first goes for Team Lead(Patrick) then it comes for Employee Manager(Mark).