FAQ’sCategory: OfficeTimer HelpIn the Manager approval page, when I click on the resource link (e..g Milind Tardekar), I expect a page which gives details on the time entered. However I get the following
OfficeTimer Support Staff asked 4 years ago

(URL as per launched page: http://www.skillnet.officetimer.com/Employee/AccountEmployeeTimeEntryWeekViewReadOnly.aspx?Type=EmployeeManager&AccountEmployeeId=135&StartDate=6/19/2017&TimesheetPeriodType=Weekly)

As an OT Admin, you can temporarily change the password of Sunil Menon to debug the issue and then ask him to reset it.

2 Answers
OfficeTimer Support Staff answered 4 years ago

Can we please have the login credentials of Sunil?

OfficeTimer Support Staff answered 4 years ago

We going to reset Sunil’s password to welcome1#